Quarantine Survival Guide


Alright ya’ll, it’s time to breathe deep, be socially responsible, and stay tf inside! At this point, we are all experiencing the ramifications of event and business closures, empty grocery stores, and delayed Prime delivery. Everyone is trying their best to adapt quickly while keeping calm. 

I have compiled a list of tips and references in this post for all of us to practice while we ride this out. We will all be ok, but we have to exercise community-based thinking, a strategic approach to our business, and basic self care. Use these tips and leave me a comment if you have more!

Hustle Tips for Entrepreneurs

Online Classes

Now more than ever, contextualizing your brand or business online is a necessary move to stay afloat. One of the most influential and helpful ways to do this is to design an online class where you teach people a skill, one that will either pre-occupy their time or help them in this time of need. Creating downloadable, informative packets can also help your community. Charging a small price for access can not only add to your income, but also be an affordable option for those struggling.

How can you frame your brand in light of the pandemic? For example-

  • Clothing stores- creating look books, style guides, or comfy DIY outfits for lounging can be a fun way to elevate the mood of people working from home, stuck in the same PJs they’ve been wearing for the last five days.
  • Bartenders- host an online cocktail class teaching people how to make drinks for when they are holed up in their homes
  • Fitness instructors- create at home workout classes or videos or meal plans for quarantine

Discount your services

This might seem counter-intuitive, but lowering your prices right now is the best option. It does a few things:

  • It eases the mind of consumers who don’t know when their next paycheck is coming to invest in something that will make them happy and benefit them
  • It creates the opportunity for your business to see bulk revenue
  • It gives back to the community and that’s where everyone’s head should be

Create supportive content

Doing this generates leads and loyalty, but it’s also just morally good. People need distractions, uplifting reading material, and abundant thinking. Now, as a business owner or public persona, it is your responsibility to lead people into the light.

  • Get on TikTok or your IG stories and talk about ways your business can make people happy or at ease
  • Show the benefits of your services or products through free offers, informative emails, or IG posts
  • Think about your business mission statement and go back to your values, and share from that heart centered place

Aside from that:

If you are hustling to stay afloat because your job has shut down, here are a few quick ways to make cash now.

  • Sell stuff- If you can get online and make a safe trip to the post office, sell things you don’t need that are taking up space in your home. DO NOT go into panic and start selling valuables. You will regret that when this is over.
  • Take surveys- Inboxdollars.com and Surveyjunkie.com will pay you to take surveys
  • Fiverr- Start selling skills on Fiverr for extra revenue. Think outside of the box for this, or promote your business on it.
  • Budget sheet- Download this budget sheet to keep track of your finances and make sure you stay in the green while times are tough
  • Practice abundance- Do not fall into a lack mindset. There is a difference between strategic thinking and scarcity. Repeat to yourself that you have enough, and you will be ok.

Self Care Tips for WFH

Humans need routine, so being (very suddenly) forced into a WFH lifestyle can feel overwhelming and inefficient after the initial glam fades into reality. Here are some tips to make this your most productive time yet!

Build a daily routine

After getting what I so desperately wanted (working from home after years in the service industry) I fell into a deep depression because I had no structure. It took building a routine that I actually love to maintain my mental health. Use this story template to work on yours, and know that it may shift over time!

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 7.03.19 AM
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 7.06.49 AM
My example

Go on Pinterest and DIY

It’s time to get creative! Start crafting, turn that old shirt into something cute, paint your living room table, make your bedroom into an oasis, learn how to carve those super fancy magical candles! This is the time to be artistic and create from what you have. Don’t squander the opportunity.

At home workouts

You know I love my spin class, but I won’t let a pandemic get in the way of my physical fitness. My favorite types of workouts are HIIT, boxing, and yoga, which require no equipment. Get on Youtube and find a workout that you like, or support a fitness coach who is offering a class! I love Yoga with Adriene, my Verv app for HIIT exercises, and various shadow boxing classes I can find on YouTube.

Binge new interesting shows

Sure you can binge True Blood for the fifth time in a row (I know I have) but now is a great opportunity to watch fascinating content! Watching documentaries, docuseries, or even Drunk History will make you the most interesting person to be around once we’re out of quarantine. Just a few of my favorites are:

  • Ancient Aliens
  • Drunk History
  • Ruining History
  • Don’t Fuck With Cats
  • Cheer
  • Evil Genius
  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson
  • Abducted in Plain Sight
  • Homecoming

Learn a language

When I broke up with my ex all those fateful years ago, I had no sense of self. No identity. So, I tried everything and anything to see what I actually liked and what could contribute to building a personality. One of those things was learning German. You can easily (and in the most fun way) learn a language of your choosing on Duolingo (they also have an app.)


Get creative with kitchen witchery! Now that we have stockpiled food, and hopefully you had the forethought to get what you’d actually eat, play around with cooking with intention! Start using herbal ingredients by their magickal correspondences. Use the flour that’s been sitting in the back of your pantry and bake. Even if you’re a terrible cook, this is the time to learn a new skill.

Make your living space cute

Feng shui your living room, or Marie Kondo your space! If something doesn’t spark joy, throw it out or make it into something that does. Change your sheets, open your shades and let natural light in. Anything to make small changes can have a huge impact.


If you’re quarantined alone, get acquainted with yourself! We all know Corona babies are happening, so use this time to get intimate with a partner or practice solo sex magick. If you want to amplify your sexy time, check out the link below for a discount on Chakrubs!


Shameless self promotion time! I wrote a book, Love Spells for Cosmopolitan, and you should read it! Here are some other book recommendations from witches I love and respect:

  • Annabel Gat: Astrology of Love and Sex
  • Sophie St. Thomas: Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self Care
  • Jerico Mandybur: Neo Tarot
  • Gabriela Herstik: Inner Witch
  • Sarah Lyons: Revolutionary Witchcraft
  • Pam Grossman: Waking the Witch
  • Jessica Lanyadoo: Astrology for Real Relationships

How To Manage Your Anxiety

Aside from practicing radical acceptance that we are all in this together, there are ways we can manage our anxiety when it all feels like way too much.


Tinctures, vapes, bath bombs, and gummies are all ways you can take this hemp derivative and feel it’s calming effects instantly. Head to the link section below for a discount!


This is one of my absolute favorite modalities, and I teach all about it in this video!


Meditation is an excellent way to create a safe space in your brain away from the worries of the day. When you strengthen that space, you can find more clarity in whatever situation, stay present, and lessen anxiety. If you are new to meditation, self guided apps like Simple Habit are great to ease you into the practice.


Whether you’re into fitness or not, stretching and breathing are excellent for managing stress. Because we hold tension in our muscles, sometimes unknowingly, we must release it to feel more comfortable in our skin. As mentioned before, my favorite yogi is Yoga with Adriene. Her workouts are focused on relaxation and are great for any level, so beginners can try it without fear!

Deep breathing exercises

When we get caught up in a frenzy, we frequently forget to breathe. If you’ve gotten down to this point in the post, breathe in deeply for three, hold for three, and exhale for three. Continue for ten repetitions, and remember this tool for when you need it.

Hotlines and Discounts

In order to keep everyone safe and to flatten the curve, we must all stay home as much as possible. However, for some, that can feel like a prison. If you are co-quarantined with an abuser, you can call these numbers ( NDVH 1-800-799-7233 // TTY 1-800-787-3224 ) or chat at thehotline.org to strategize your safety.

If you are a bartender who got laid off from your job, you may be eligible for relief if you click this link: https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap 

If all of this feels like too much and you need counseling, I can offer a free week at Betterhelp.com. Use the code WITCHY to redeem.

For CBD products, go to Tonic Vibes CBD and use code WITCHY for 10% off.

For magickal masterbation, go to Chakrubs and use code WitchyWisdom for 10% off.

If you need to get tested for something other than Coronavirus and do not wish to overwhelm hospitals or doctors, use this link at LetsGetChecked for 20% off of your at home testing kit.

I’m offering special services during this time, including a tarot reading for self care and a 45 minute mastermind call for businesses and brands.

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If you have any additional tips or links, please drop them in the comments!