March Money ‘Scopes

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March Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



This is a pretty good money month for you rams, despite Venus moving into slow and steady Taurus on the 5th. Before that transit, something unexpected happens on the 3rd which pushes you to make a money move that’s in your best interest. This could lead you to investing in a coach or paying off a debt. On the 4th, an opportunity finds its way to you. This opportunity likely has to do with making money off a niche topic you know and love. Then we have the Virgo full moon on the 9th which will inspire you to purify. Clean up the documents on your computer or phone, block the ex’s number, or rearrange your room. Mercury stations direct on the 10th and you will find that you will be in the right place at the right time to resolve a Mercury rx conflict. The new moon in Aries will be on the 24th and this day will be a fated day for you! Pay close attention to the people who come into your life on that day, and definitely take that leap you’ve been wanting to take. We end the month with Mars beginning its two month transit through Aquarius starting on the 30th. At some point, when Mars meets up with the exact degree of your sun sign, you will be given an opportunity from an influential group of people. Join them.


This month has big lessons and course corrections for you sweet, angel bulls! We start off the month with a Taurus moon, so you’re extra lucky on the 1st. Then, when Venus enters Taurus on the 5th, your eye for beauty and love of luxury are emphasized. This transit is especially good for anyone who is their own boss, as making money for yourself is enhanced. With Mercury still doing its backwards dance, the 8th will prove to be a hard and fast day. Expect a massive change at work or with your money situation. This event continues to play out on the 9th with the full moon in Virgo. You will realize that you have an opportunity to let go of the past in a huge way. Throw out anything that reminds you of this past, clean your space, and fully release. Mercury stations direct on the 10th and you will then realize just how to right a past wrong. I want you to stay very present on the Aries new moon on the 24th; be very aware of your surroundings. The moon will once again in be Taurus from the 26th through the 28th giving you some much needed luck on your side! The 28th happens to be a very, very lucky money day for you, so if you’re still reeling from the events of the 8th, you will get some much needed help at that time. 


The 2nd and 3rd are moon in Gemini days, which are particularly lucky for you Cosmic Twins! If there’s anything a little risky that’s on your to do list, plan to do it on one of those two days. Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th, so if you have any big purchases you’ve been planning to make, do it under this transit. Take your time and really check out all your options, you’ll know when you have found the right one. The full moon in Virgo is on the 9th, so look to your Virgo ruled house to get clarity on this, but you will be forced to release and old habit and make room for a new one. Yay, Mercury stations direct the next day on the 10th! Write down all the ways you feel different, you more so than others have really been shaped and changed during that retrograde. The new moon in Aries on the 24th provides you with an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do, make sure you follow your heart. The moon will once again be in Gemini on the 29th and 30th, so soak up that lucky energy and make money moves. The month closes out with the red planet, Mars, moving into Aquarius. Follow your intellectual and humanitarian pursuits in these next two months and you won’t be steered wrong.


This is a month of opportunity and change for all you lil crabs out there! On the 4th and 5th the moon will be in Cancer, meaning that those days will be perfect for working up the nerve to do something big. Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th which will be very good for your bank account. You will be able to work out a plan to make more money as well as save up more money; just make sure to get clear on that plan. The full moon in Virgo will be on the 9th of the month. In regard to that new plan for your finances, it will do you well to release an expected outcome under this moon. Recognize that what lies ahead may be even better than you can plan for. The next day, on the 10th, Mercury will finally station direct in fellow water sign, Pisces. The 10th itself may feel like a total head trip, but you’re out of the woods in terms of mishaps and miscommunication. There will be a new moon in Aries on the 24th and on that day an event pushes you to act more selfishly than you usually do. Look to what house Aries rules in your chart for more information about this even. The final day of the month will be another lucky moon in Cancer day, so enjoy that energy as it pushes you into April.


Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th and while it’s hanging out there, you should get familiar with your Taurus ruled house; this is where you can most reap the rewards of this money transit. Venus in Taurus will push you to act in new, patient, and careful ways with your money in regards to that house. The 6th and 7th will be high vibe days for you with the moon in your sun (or moon or rising) sign.  Do something that requires a bit of luck on those days. It will do you good to stay very present in the moment on the 9th when the moon is full in Virgo. The right thing to release will be revealed to you that day, so make sure you’re aware enough to see it. The next day, the 10th, Mercury stations direct in Pisces, yay! Take stock of how much you’ve changed, write it all down, you’ve probably changed more than you realize. The month closes out with a new moon in Aries and Mars moving into Aquarius. The new moon on the 24th is a day to just ride the wave of life (and look good while you do it). You’re guaranteed a lot of new blessings under that moon, it may be slightly overwhelming. Mars slides into Aquarius on the 30th for a two month stay there, during those months you’ll have to choose who’s side you’re really on. 


In short, money is very, very good for all you Virgo placements this month! With Venus moving into fellow earth sign Taurus on the 5th, money moves easily and steadily to you. Do what you do best: be frugal, be thoughtful, and make solid investments towards your future health and wealth. The 8th and 9th are perfect days to do anything that feels a little risky, as the moon will be in Virgo and lucky will be on your side. And then on the 9th we will have a Virgo full moon overhead. Release the need to control everything, the only thing you can control is your own reactions to the world. Plan to do one thing that will most benefit your emotional wellbeing, whether that be organizing your closet and getting rid of things, going to yoga, or spending the night journaling, it’s totally up to you! Mercury will station direct the next day, on the 10th. You should be clearer about why you are here on this earthly plane. Write it down somewhere for your future self to find. The month ends with a new moon in Aries on the 24th. This is a time to follow Aries’ motto of “act first, think later.” Do something on that day without thinking about it 11 times first!


In general, money is good this month, however, you will feel the need to hold on to it a little bit tighter than usual. That’s ok, lean into this feeling, you may need that extra money for something special or important. Stay present on the 9th because a big shift is happening under that Virgo full moon, but it doesn’t require action from you. Just stay very in your body and in the physical world, the Universe will do the rest. Mercury stations direct the next day, on the 10th. You released something during mercury’s backwards dance in the sky, what was it? The 10th and 11th are good days for you with the moon in Libra, so don’t be afraid to fully be yourself. Next, we have the new moon in Aries on the 24th. Your polar sign is asking you to make a decision under this moon, will you choose your independence, or will you follow the group? Well, with with Mars moving into Aquarius on the 30th, this two month transit will aids you in furthering intellectual pursuits, especially regarding the collective. How can you help the collective more? Independently or with the group? There is no right or wrong answer.


With Venus moving into Taurus on the 5th, this month is about making decisions around who you will partner with, who you will work with, and the clients you want to call in. Yes, these are decisions that you get to make. You’ll see a beautiful opportunity on the 9th under the Virgo full moon. It’s going to have to do with cleaning out the skeletons in your closet and using one of them to profit off. Are you familiar with the practice kintsugi? Opportunity is here under the Virgo full moon, but you must seize it. Mercury stations direct on the 10th but you’re not really out of the woods yet, then again, do you want to be? The 12th and 13th prove to be lucky days, so if there’s anything on your to do list that scares you a bit, plan to do it then. Launch the product, start the online shop, do your taxes, whatever is it will be safe on those days. You may run your mouth a bit more than usual during the new moon in Aries on the 24th, however, this is probably stuff that you have been keeping inside. Biting your tongue any longer would be at your detriment. Mars enters Aquarius on the 30th to begin a two month transit there. During that time an outside event will push you to work from a more analytical, mind centered place. 


Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th and the lessons of this transit for you are about working well with others. You have to learn how to strengthen your connections within your career in order for this transit to be a profitable one. The full moon in Virgo will be on the 9th and it will help you to narrow your focus. Something will transpire that day which will aid you in moving from big picture thinking, to seeing the details with more clarity. Mercury stations direct on the 10th. How have you learned to communicate less from your mind and more from your gut? The 14th, 15th, and 16th are lucky days for you, Sag. If you can, schedule important things on those days, especially if you need to “sell yourself.” But please use your power of persuasion wisely as we transition into Aries season, especially with that new moon on the 24th. Remember all those connections you’ve been making this month? They will pay off under the moon as opportunities for new adventures are waiting for you. With Mars moving into Aquarius on the 30th these new adventures may likely have to do with advancement, ingenuity, technology, and working with new communities.


Let me tell you what you want to hear, money is f*cking good this month! That’s because Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th. Then we have a Virgo full moon on the 9th which is major spring cleaning vibes. Clean up your IG, your biz, your house, your habits and routines, clean up your vibe. You can achieve a lot under that moon. On the 10th Mercury finally stations direct and you’ll find that there is an opportunity to revise a past mistake. Another opportunity presents itself the following day on the 11th, this one likely has to do with creating an opportunity for yourself out of thin air, especially regarding creation and healing. The 16th, 17th, and 18th are all lucky days for you goats (GOATs), so if you’re looking for a yes from the universe, you’ll get it on those days. Something shakes you up on the 24th and forces you to act before you’re ready, this is the energy of the Aries new moon. The lesson of Aries is that sometimes you have to act first, think later. And I am so happy to share with you that the 28th is a super lucky, super high vibe money day for all earth signs. Rake it in, babies!


Events transpiring after the 5th of the month will push you into being more selfish with your money. Try to limit your spending and steer clear of lending out money to friends. The full moon in Virgo is on the 9th and you’ll be feeling the need to release and let go, more so than others. It will do you well to let go of an unhelpful habit or perspective. Mercury stations direct the next day and this is a day when you should pay attention to your gut feelings, they will not lead you astray on the 10th. The 19th, 20th, and 21st are lucky days for you, Aquarius. Launch the course, make the call, send in the resume and it will likely fall in your favor! The new moon in Aries is on the 24th and this will be a particularly fortuitous moon phase for you. Keep your eyes and ears peeled; an opportunity will fall into your lap regarding independence or a new adventure. Look to your Aries ruled house for more information there. Mars moves into your sun (or moon or rising sign) on the 30th to begin a two month transit. If you work in technology, astrology, or community building, this boasts well for the advancement of any current projects.


Venus moving into Taurus on the 5th is great news for you, fishie bbs! There will be a lot of windows and door opening up for you under this transit. You’ll still have to put in the work, but a thicker wallet is definitely within your grasp this month. You’ll find that a decision needs to be made on the 9th regarding what is holding on to you and what is holding you back. The answer is: release it release it, release it. Mercury stations direct in your sun (or moon or rising) sign on the 10th and so this day will feel like a bit of a standstill. Lean into this energy, you don’t need to push anything forward on that day. However, on the 11th you’ll see an opportunity ahead of you that will help you to expand upon who you are and what you do. Seize this opportunity or create it for yourself. The 21st, 22nd, and 23rd are good days to try something new, reveal something about yourself, or launch a new side project. Things work in your favor on those days. The month ends with a new moon in Aries on the 24th. This moon is about creating a new pathway for deeper clarity of self and life purpose. It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers, the truth is, none of us ever will. Just enjoy the journey.

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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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