October Money ‘Scopes

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October Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rd which moves your life into deeper explorations. Your innate bluntness is going to force some sort of release around the way you communicate, or who you communicate with. If your Aries Sun is in the degrees of 20-23 then you’ll certainly feel the shift of Pluto stationing direct that day as well, like a snake molting. An outside force or situation is going to move you towards playing nice with someone after Mars moves into Libra on the 4th. You gotta be a team player under this aspect. When Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8th a new area of income presents itself but it requires a change in your life. The Aries Full Moon on the 13th is going to be a time of intense emotion for you Rams, your job is to move through that emotion and process it all. By the Scorpio New Moon on the 27th you’ll be ready to release all of that pent up punk rock Aries energy. Samhain is the Witches New Year, so release everything that no longer serves you on the 31st, and prepare for Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Rx isn’t a time to anxiously do nothing, but it is a time to double check and leave the house 5 minutes early.


Someone or something is forcing you to dive deeper into the truth, and what the truth means for you, after Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rd. With Pluto also stationing direct that day you should be prepared for some forward momentum in the area of life that Capricorn governs in your chart, and whether that’s good or bad momentum is dependent on your own karma. When Mars moves into Libra on the 4th you’ll be called to release a grudge that just isn’t helpful or necessary to hold onto. During Venus’ transit through Scorpio, starting on the 8th, you’ll be forced to make a decision about your debts, whatever kind of debt you may have. How are you spending your money, and how should you be using it? The Aries Full Moon is on the 13th and you’ll find that you stumble into the right place at the right time. Expect an unexpected change having to do with whatever house is ruled by Aries in your chart. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th involves a choice and an action based off of whatever your prevalent emotion is. Samhain is the Witches New Year; celebrate by drinking white wine in a silk robe and crying for the lies you used to believe. Mercury stations retrograde on the same day, the 31st, but you should be fine Taurus, you’re always prepared.


With Mercury, your signs loquacious ruler, moving into deep Scorpio on the 3rd, you’ll find yourself more drawn to call upon your dark twin side. Obsessive thoughts and biting remarks are the zeitgeist of the season. There’s a definite releasing energy on that day when Pluto also stations direct. Mars goes into Libra the next day and so you can expect some momentum in regards to your relationships at work or with clients. This momentum can be good or bad, but it will move fast so keep up. A big shift in your finances comes when Venus moves into money conscious Scorpio on the 8th. A deal or a contract or sorts will no longer suit you and you’ll either have to let it go or you will be forced to. Don’t mourn this loss for too long, because on the 13th there will be an Aries Full Moon will bring you an opportunity to pick up an old side project that has been sitting unattended for some time. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th calls you back into your darker self, let your emotions come to the surface and teach you something new. Samhain is on the 31st and it’s a great time to reflect on the year, journal, light something on fire, cry. Mercury stations to go retrograde on the same day, so remember to slow it down a little in the coming weeks otherwise you may fall flat on your face.


Pluto stations direct on the 3rd and someone or something is going to push you to release a victim mentality; look to which house Capricorn rules to get a better understanding of that. You’ll feel this most if you have Cancer in between the 20th-23rd degree. Mercury also moves into Scorpio on the 3rd; this transit removes some obstacles in regards to shadow work. The next day, the 4th, Mars moves into Libra and events outside of your control force you into saying sorry and making amends for something that recently transpired. When Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8th you can expect some cash to flow your way, and you should listen to that voice in your head that tells you to stash and save it. The Aries Full Moon on the 13th is a great time to get excited about your future. You’re going to be called to act upon an idea. The Scorpio New Moon in the 27th of the month gives you the strength to handle matters on your own, this energy makes you feel powerful. Samhain is on the 31st, and Mercury Retrograde begins that very same day. This is a good time to shed any skin that’s left to be shed. You’ll want to face the next few weeks of your life with fresh eyes.


Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rd and you can expect something in your life to force you to speak some truth pertaining to whichever house Scorpio rules in your chart. On the same day Pluto stations direct, so be forewarned that a change in your life’s direction may occur. After Mars goes into Libra on the 4th, you may experience a chance opportunity to right a past wrong. Don’t miss it. With Venus moving into Scorpio on the 8th an outside force will push you into taking action in regards to your finances. This could be a good or bad thing, but either way it is a necessary thing. The 13th brings us an Aries Full Moon and you Leos can expect to feel some momentum in your life with this trine fire energy. Don’t let anyone dim your shine and don’t listen to anyone who says you’re too idealistic. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th will force you to do some shadow work. Don’t be afraid of the depth of your soul, this is the only way to foster growth in other areas of your life right now. The Witches New Year, Samhain, and Mercury retrograde are both on the 31st. Shed your old skin and proof read your texts before you send them.


A chance opportunity on or around the 3rd, when Mercury moves into Scorpio, provides you with more power or authority at work. With Pluto stationing direct on the same day guarantees forward momentum, so be prepared to have to act before you think (I know I’m asking a lot of you here.) Mars moves into Libra the next day, on the 4th, and while the planet of aggression is in Venus-ruled Libra, you’ll be given a chance to offer your specific kind of help and guidance to someone or some cause. With Venus in Scorpio starting on the 8th you’ll have an opportunity to increase your finances; look to the house Scorpio rules in your chart to see where that opportunity is going to manifest. Full moons are always about release and the Aries Full Moon on the 13th will be a divine call to prune your daily routine in order to make space for something else. Routines are great but they still need to be shaken up every so often. On the 27th is the New Moon in Scorpio and you may find that a totally unexpected job falls into your lap, and it’s one that requires you to work alone. Mercury retrograde begins on the Witches New Year, so release some negative self talk and create space for the unexpected and unplanned.


With Mercury in Scorpio this month you’ll say the exact right thing to the right person and magically manifest an investment or money-making opportunity. On the 3rd, Pluto, having been retrograde for most of the year, will station direct. This will affect those of you with Libra in the degrees od 20-23 most. You’ll be called to actively let someone or something go, but it’s probably something you’ve been holding onto, yet knowing full well that is wasn’t right anymore. When Mars goes into Libra on the 4th your socially conscious, fight for the cause side comes out. Will you use your powers for good? On the 8th Venus will move into Scorpio and that’s likely when you’ll see the fruits of your labor, possibly from that investment opportunity forecasted on the 3rd. With the Aries Full Moon on the 13th I want you to release the need for everything to be perfect. Make a decision on that day and fiercely act on it; it’ll be good for you. With the Scorpio New Moon on the 27th you’ll see an influx of clients, orders, or money-making tasks at work. This is also a perfect time to be obsessive about the beautiful vision you have for your career. Samhain and Mercury Retrograde are on the 31st, so look into your own darkness like only you can, with rose tinted glasses on, and be at peace with the fact that you’re going to be late for that meeting whether or not Mercury is direct.


Your desire for knowledge and truth is emphasized when Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rd. You’ll find that, if you work in a career that involves communication, there is an authentic forward momentum. Be prepared for a chance encounter on the 3rd as well, as Pluto stations direct. This is an opportunity to use that authenticity. After Mars goes into Libra the next day, the 4th, you’ll find that your deep well of knowledge comes in handy when settling disagreements at work. Look to the house in your chart that Libra rules for more insight there. With Venus also moving into your sun sign this month, you’ll find that your ability to save money is heightened and your proclivity for deep connections with others is enhanced. If you work in a career that involves interpersonal relationships this will be a fruitful period. The Aries Full Moon is on the 13th and this energy is going to be particularly transformative for you as you release something in order to make space for another. Look to your Aries ruled house for more information. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th is a time for you to be alone and to process the month past. On Samhain, the 31st, you’ll need to shed your old self. Mercury Retrograde also falls on the 31st, so make sure that you use your penchant for obsession in your highest good at this time, read the fine print twice.


On the 3rd you may find yourself talking to just the right person. A business opportunity involving research or writing may fall into your lap. On the 4th Mars, the fiery planet of aggression, moves into Venus ruled Libra. This gives you a golden opportunity to right a past wrong, or mend a relationship that was broken. Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8th of the month, and this transit brings you luck in regards to investments. Are you investing money or time? Look to your Scorpio ruled house to figure it out. You know that new, fun side project idea you had? Well it’s time to bring it to fruition around the Aries Full Moon on the 13th; the fiery passion of this moon brings lots of forward momentum to your creativity. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th is a time of freedom to do exactly as you please. You should plan to do things alone on this day and focus on your intuition, it’s going to lead you somewhere that you need to be under this New Moon energy. Mercury Retrograde falls on Samhain, the 31st. Go light something on fire and watch it burn down to ashes, and then laugh in the face of all the accidental mess ups that are to come in the weeks ahead.


When Pluto in Capricorn stations direct on the 3rd you’ll feel this energy more so than anyone else. Expect some sort of big emotional upheaval or clearing out of emotional baggage. Self doubts should clear up for the day and a chance opportunity may fall into your lap in regards to study, research, writing, or something that furthers your career. The next day Mars moves into lovely Libra and this energy pushes you to work closely with a client or colleague. On the 8th, Venus moves into moody Scorpio and under this transit you can expect to be handed, or create your own opportunity to inherit something; more responsibility at work, money, a new client, a project. The Aries Full Moon is on the 13th and you’ll need to release a task from your life, even though it may not even be done yet. The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th is a time of retreat. Make sure to give yourself some alone time to recuperate, asses, and reflect. Mercury stations retrograde on the same day as Samhain. Ring in the new year by reorganizing your home office or desk space. Remember, your worth is not intrinsically linked to how much you can do in a day.


When Mercury goes into Scorpio on the 3rd your curious nature turns obsessive. Just remember that not everyone wants to talk about the moon landing hoax, Area 51, or Caroline Calloway. Pluto also stations direct on the 3rd and so you’ll feel better able to release an old belief or mindset. Clear away this thing so you can make space for new beliefs. On the 4th Mars goes into Libra and you’ll feel frictionless momentum when it comes to social justice and competition; look to your Libra ruled house for more insight here. After Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8th you’ll experience a series of events that push you into getting more serious about your money, more specifically your savings account or retirement plan. The Aries Full Moon on the 13th is a time to create your own luck. That thing you’ve been dreaming about? Go get it. On the 27th, the Scorpio New Moon and it’s going to be a continuation of the aforementioned events regarding your money; some of you may need to ask to borrow some. Samhain and Mercury Retrograde are both on the 31st. Talk to the ghost of and ancestor and ask for help.


Mercury is in Scorpio all month and that’s a great transit for Piscean artists, especially musicians, poets, and authors. Pluto stations direct on the 3rd and you’ll be given a special opportunity to shed some old skin. You don’t need to carry your pain forever. On the 4th, Mars moves into Libra; this transit helps you move towards a more balanced life. You’ll realize that you don’t need to spread yourself so thin. Venus moves into obsessive Scorpio on the 8th, and this can be a dangerous transit for all you Romeos. Forward momentum is felt under this energy and it can be towards good or bad. As for help if you need it. The Aries Full Moon is on the 13th and you’ll experience a right place, right time kind of moment in regards to starting a new path or project.  The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th offers a rush of momentum again, this time the momentum is felt in your emotional depths. You have a gift for turning the darkest nights into works of art. Mercury stations retrograde on the 31st. Don’t stress, just remember that this is a time of growth and lessons. Honor Samhain by letting your demons know that you love them.



Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.48.35 AMJasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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