August Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

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August Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

To say the least, the 1st is going to be exactly the kind of kick in the pants you've been searching for, Aries. This is a good day to trust you gut and take charge, wherever it calls to you. On the 15th, the Aquarius Full Moon is going to be a good time for you to practice releasing your ego in order to call in more follow through. Aries natives have intense creative potential that is best utilized when they can see a goal to an end, try to lean into the long term goal this month. After Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th, you’re going to find that you need to think before you leap, otherwise you might land on your face. Get organized. Stretch before you run. Get shit done, and do it well. Between the 18th and the 20th be prepared for an unexpected opportunity or a new wave of clarity to come your way. A heightened sense of altruism after Venus moves into Virgo on the 21st is going to be just what you need to make the shifts
you desire. The Virgo new moon on the 30 is a time to sit still, something you’ll desperately need by the end of the month. Treat this moon as your idea moon, it’s time to re-think, re-plan, re-wire, and re-attack your future plans.

August 1st hits you hard in the drive department with Mercury finally stationing direct right after the Leo New Moon. This day is going to give you some much needed energy to take on inspired actions, but make sure to leave your ego at home today because you aren’t going to need it. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th doesn’t sit well with you, but that’s because there’s something to learn under its energy. It’s
time to upgrade your message/goal, release a tradition on this night in order to make room for a new one. After the 18th this month is going to be a powerhouse for all you bulls! First Mars goes into Virgo on the 18th, which helps you to iron out any small details at work or with your passion projects. Next, Venus will also go into Virgo on the 21st which helps you to be more scrupulous with your money. Save, budget, and make smart choices because there is a reason to save whether you know it yet or not. The
month ends with Virgo new moon energy, this is the perfect time to call in the next step since Virgo always knows what needs your attention.

Mercury stations direct with the lingering Leo New Moon on the 1st; this offers a bit more warmth to your actions, Gemini. Call in more authority to some parts of your life, step up to a bigger role at work or home. Jupiter stations direct on the 11th and it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Your luck will return and along with more of the carefree wisdom you’re used to. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th is going to enhance your keen intellect and add more depth to a certain subject you’re interested in (LOL which one?) Release the need to please everyone and focus on the underdogs in your life right now, they need your specific kind of emotional empathy. Mars enters Virgo on the 18th and it’s going to be a thick energy that causes you to slow down. Lean into it because it will teach you to focus a bit more on the small stuff. Venus enters Virgo as well on the 21st and it’s going to bring worry to your budget. If you find yourself getting stressed out about money it’s a good idea to sit down and really look at your income vs spending. Make a budget even if it’s written on a napkin and you forget it when you leave the restaurant, because putting in the energy will tell the Universe that you’re ready to give attention to money. Between Venus entering Virgo and the Virgo New Moon on the 30th you’re going to feel an extra special spurt of energy, utilize and harness your expansive curiosity
because that’s high vibe Gemini. The New Moon is a good time to call in attention to the details you’re missing.

We are finally freed from the hard lessons of Mercury retrograde on July 31st, and what better way to celebrate than with a Leo New Moon? This lingering energy on August 1st may enhance your snippy (shall I say crabby) side, so I suggest calling in the ability to communicate non-violently. If you aren’t familiar with non-violent communication, I highly recommend that you ratify that. The Aquarius Full
Moon on the 15th is going to be a confusing energy to live through for you, Cancer. Try to release personal hurt that you’re feeling so as to be better able to focus on global hurt; you are a healer after all. On the 18th Mars enters Virgo and brings a much needed balance of IQ and EQ to your life and decision making. When Venus also enters Virgo on the 21st your usual frugal ways are enhanced; just remember
that just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s better. The 25th, 26th, and 27th are good days to take a risk. Invest, make money moves, send the scary email, create your own opportunity. The Virgo New Moon closes out the month on the 30th and it’s the perfect time to call in clarity; ask for it at work, at home, with family, or goal setting.

Finally it’s time for you Leos to shine like the warm, bright stars you are! On the 1st you’ll be feeling more like yourself, back to your usual tricks. Hopefully you used the Leo New Moon to call in MORE; we did do a lot of emotional shedding last month so you’ve got some free space in your closet now. The opposing Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th is a good time for you to release that feeling of loneliness that you harbor deep down inside (under all the sequins). That loneliness is the same feeling of wonderment you feel for yourself, just with a mask on. When Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th your perfectionist side comes out in a big way. Remember Leos, nothing is perfect. On the 21st Venus goes into Virgo and this phase adds a bit of needed caution to your spending, but hey, just think of all the money you’re going to be saving up in the weeks to come! The Virgo New Moon on the 30th greets you with a bit of anxiety. Use this moon to call in facts especially regarding the worries you carry with you on this day.

The 1st is a great day for everyone; there’s still some Leo New Moon energy hanging around and Mercury has officially stationed direct. Despite that, you’ll be feeling overcome with emotions today, which is not a great way for you to get your work done, Virgos. You might want to consider calling in some new coping mechanisms, reevaluate the preexisting ones you have, and cut the ones that no longer serve you. After, on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, expect a new lucrative opportunity to present itself. Be open to creating the opportunity yourself as well. Jupiter will station direct on the 11th and you’ll find that things start flowing with graceful ease in your direction. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th is a good time for you to release a rule or order that is impeding your progress at work. Once the 18th hits it is truly your time to shine this month. First Mars goes into Virgo which heightens your factual intelligence and keen eye, then Venus goes into Virgo on the 21st, marking the perfect time to automate your savings, create a long term saving goal, and set up some automatic bill payments. The Virgo new moon on the 30th is a good time to call in help. Ask the Universe for a mentor and ye shall receive it.

This Mercury direct, Leo season, and Leo New Moon vibes that we’re walking into on the 1st is the perfect time to call in more business connects. You are charming and beautiful, so send the email, make the call, send the text, and sell yourself. The right people to work and collab with are on their way to you. You’re likely to find some money on the 4th, 5th or 6th, probably in an old pair of jeans. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th is the time to release the need to be liked. Honestly, most people do like
you, and the ones that don’t are allowed to feel that way, but it doesn’t have to affect the way you feel about yourself. There’s a whole lot of Virgo energy coming your way at the end of the month and that’s not something you feel very comfortable in, but there are big upgrade messages for you, Libra. After the 18th, with Mars in Virgo, you’re going to find yourself tripping over the small stuff, leading you to some
serious indecision. You need to learn to go with your gut and trust yourself. After the 21st, with Venus in Virgo, you’re going to be focusing on where the best deals are, weighing your options, and probably making some smart decisions with money in the coming weeks (good for you). August begins and ends with New Moon energy, the Virgo New Moon on the 30th is a good time to call in the ability to make decisions better. Gather the facts and then go with your gut. Don’t over think (I know, easier said than done)!

You’ll be feeling the bold vibes of Leo this month, and with Mercury stationing direct everything will be moving with less friction. An opportunity you’ve been waiting for is likely to happen on the 6th, 7th, or 8th of the month. Intuition and inspired action are the best things you have in your tool box for success. On the 15th, when the moon is full in Aquarius, this is a time to connect with your extra sensory perceptions. Use the new information you receive at this time to guide you to the next big move in your
life. Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th which will heighten your ability to get shit done, use this energy to tackle the small stuff on your to do list the rest of the month. Next, Venus moves into frugal Virgo on the 21st. If you work in fields that handle other people’s money or involve writing, this transit is going to be a helpful one. Your ability to explain things in a unique way is going to bring you money this month, so be sure to utilize that. We end the month with a Virgo New Moon on the 30th, which is the perfect time to use your keen problem solving skills to get you out of hot water at work or with a client.

With the Leo New Moon energy still strong and Mercury finally stationing direct, this month is starting you off with no training wheels. You’re gonna find that tough conversations at work flow with more ease than expected for the first few days. If you have a hard conversation to tackle do it on the 8th, 9th, or 10th. Jupiter finally stations direct on the 11th and you’re sure to experience some unexpected cash flow coming your way because of it. You’re freedom loving, individualistic nature comes out around the Full Moon on the 15th, use it to get more aligned with your mission statement, both in business and in life. Mars moves into perfectionist Virgo on the 18th which forces you to stop and smell the roses, aka get organized. You need to double check the fine print and iron out the details in the latter half of the month. Virgo will also house the planet Venus starting on the 21st which is likely going to flare up money worries for the next few weeks, dampening you’re usual optimistic view on the world. Use this energy to make some serious money plans for your future. The Virgo New Moon on the 30th might lead to making some poor decisions out of fear. Don’t worry: reflect, assess, progress… that’s your New Moon mantra.

The month begins with some tension at work or in your career. You’re good at getting shit done, but you don’t always think about the toes you’re stepping on while you do it; you’ll listen when you hear them howl. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th asks you to release your grip on the plans you have for the future, allow some wiggle room in your 5 year plan. Wiggle room allows opportunities to slink in in unexpected ways. After Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th you’ll be given the opportunity to lean on your inherently intellectual nature. This energy will help you to see the cracks in your plans before they break. Venus moves into Virgo a few days later on the 21st which is good news for your bank account. Expect some sort of bump in income during this transit. We end the month with a Virgo New Moon on the 30th which is going to help you call in a shift having to do with that new influx of monetary energy coming in. It’s going to be a good shift, new job, new client, new opportunity. It’s all yours, Capricorn.

That Leo New Moon energy has you feeling into your heart which is great and all, but you don’t usually make choices from you emotional nature, so there will probably be a mishap or two in those first few days. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th is chalk full of your special weirdo brand of energy. This is a good time to release the rules and start over, burn the system and start all over again. You have the ability to create something ahead of its time from the ashes. Mars moves into worrisome Virgo on the
18th which brings up some serious road blocks at work or in your career. Progress slows, so prepare for that. After Venus also moves into Virgo on the 21st you’ll be met with some money constraints, a few more bills pile up and the weight of that hangs heavy upon you. But fear not because the Virgo New Moon on the 30th is going to enhance your intellect. Read a lot, do some future forward planning and thinking. This money worry business won’t last long. Save up what you can for now and trust in your
future self to handle business.

Your passionate heart is in over drive at the start of the month, you adorable double fish babies, you! Your emotional nature is a bit more high vibe than usual though, use this added boost of drive to steer you forward towards a goal that’s been sitting on the back burner all summer. Jupiter stations direct on the 11th giving you some much needed optimism in your life’s path. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th invites you to release the energy build up from others that you have stored inside of you. Look upon
your feelings like a narrator writing a story, detach from the ones that aren’t helpful. Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th which trips you up by making you think way too much about the little things. Try to use this energy in healthy ways; make some art. Venus moves into Virgo on the 21st with a nagging voice in your head. You don’t have to listen to the worries, you’re actually going to be doing just fine with money in the next few weeks. The Virgo New Moon will be on the 30th and it’s the perfect time to call upon your more earthy powers of healing. What can you make or physically do to aid in the healing of yourself and others in the coming weeks?

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.48.35 AMJasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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