April Money ‘Scopes

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April Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



That Aries New Moon on the 5th is your Divine call to action! This day is a harmonious day for you to start any new endeavor and since it’s in your natal sun sign you’ll be feeling super charged all day; do that bold thing you had been putting off. You’ll be feeling a natural call to tighten your finances around the 10th. Make a budget, check your account statements, it’s always a good idea to be mindful when it comes to wealth. On the 17th you’re usual direct way of speaking is enhanced, so if you have any important meetings or calls to make do so on or after the 17th when Mercury will be in Aries. The second of two Libra full moons will be on the 19th, this is your final call to release the things, thoughts, and people that do not add harmony to your life. Reevaluate the people you partner with. At the end of the month one voice in your head will be telling you to buy a big ticket item. Another voice will be telling you to use your money responsibly. Try to hear both voices out.


That gym membership you’ve been thinking about getting is looking real nice around the New Moon on the 5th but by the 10th you may be regretting the purchase. If you’re worried about money look at your bank statement. Are you eating out too much? If you can’t put it on the company card then you should probably scale back and save some money. Mercury will be in Aries from the 17th until May, your opinions hit more bluntly than usual for the latter half of the month and by the 19th you might be looking down the barrel of a break up. Maybe it’s the termination of a project you’ve been working on, or ending a business partnership, or maybe you will have to fire someone or end a relationship with a client. The Pluto and Saturn retrogrades at the end of the month, starting with Pluto on the 24th, will help you handle this situation with grace. Pluto will help you rebuild and Saturn gives a much needed reality check.


Your already rampant mind is full of new ideas on the 5th. Remember, a million dollar idea is only worth it if you match your passion with the appropriate actions. That Jupiter retrograde on the 10th is going to hit you hard, either in a good or bad way. Something that isn’t working for you will be taken away from you during this transit, whether you wallow or pick yourself back up off the ground and keep going is up to you. Whatever Jupiter takes away is only happening to make room for something else. Your natural charm is upleveled after Mercury goes into Aries on the 17th. You’ve always known how to use your gift for gab to your advantage, if you need help just ask. Clean up your work space on the 19th, especially if you’re feeling stuck or bored with the work you do. That money you’ve been saving for a summer adventure? On the 20th you’ll want to start looking at booking the campsite or buying the 8 person floatie.


There’s a real duality to the beginning of the month for you Crabs. On one hand, Spring time in full bloom (for those us us in the Northern Hemisphere) has you feeling some type of way, and yet as soon as you go outside you may be feeling like turning around and going right back in. Be gentle with your fluctuating needs. The 10th brings a loss, probably your keys or that $10 bill you had in your jacket pocket for weeks. An argument on the 17th will linger (as they usually do) up to the the 2nd Libra full moon on the 19th. This is a good time to let go of the hurt and allow yourself to actually forgive and forget this time. Once Taurus season hits the next day you’ll be feeling much more like yourself, maybe too much so. Be wary of any purchases you make on the 20th because you’ll probably want to return them. The Pluto and Saturn retrogrades at the end of the month are going to be a call to action for you Cancer. You’ll be like a hermit crab looking for a new, better home. Don’t forget that your first home is yourself.


That New Moon energy has you feeling like making new business cards and leaving them in every cool coffee shop around town. A natural leader and performer, you’ll do yourself well to make bold choices around the 5th. There’s room for everyone to shine in this world but nobody really shines brighter than a Leo, keep this in mind as Jupiter goes retrograde in the 10th. A new job, gig, opportunity, or client will back out or be taken out of your grasp but that’s ok, you didn’t need it! Trust me! Speak your truth on the 17, you’ll find that there was something you’ve been holding back and you simply can’t keep it close to your chest anymore. Let the Lion(ness) roar! Happy hour drinks or any other sort of social gathering close to the second Libra full moon on the 19th can bring you luck in business partnerships. Wanna collab with that dope witch you’ve been following on insta for a few months? Message them sometime between the 17th and the 20th for extra good luck. The end of the month may bring up some big questions but all in all it’s a very good time to be a Leo.


You have a lot of restless energy at the start of the month. Some aspect of your job or work life is feeling way too confusing for you, it’s making your well ordered brain itch. Just allow this situation to be, if you try to fix it you’ll only make it worse, especially since things will com to a head on their own around the 10th. You’re great at saving, right? You may have a reason to dip into those savings at this time but, fear not, this is exactly why people save their money. Your communication style is going to hit someone in the wrong way around the 17th or at some point in the month thereafter. Be conscious of the fact that not everyone is down for constructive criticism… at least make sure you’re actually being constructive. There is a big release needed from you at the end of the month starting around the 19th and after a somewhat tumultuous fist few weeks you’re actually going to be so ready for the shifts and changes you’re being asked to make. If there’s one thing Virgo can do it is rebuild (and come back better than every baby).


The power has shifted for you on the 5th and you won’t be complaining at all, if more people lived life the way you do the world would be a more beautiful place. Use your magnanimous charm for good, the people are listening. There will be a loss at work or in your career around the 10th when Jupiter stations to go retrograde but this is going to be a loss that you’ve been secretly waiting for, or it’s a loss you won’t know that you needed until it’s gone, either way it won’t hurt. An inner boss bitch voice may come out a few times this month but it’s ok to be tough sometimes, your voice needs to be heard. That second Full Moon in your natal sun sign is going to give you a power surge, but it’s up to you how you’ll use the energy. Trust yourself. Think before you spend near the end of the month (and into May as well) or else you’ll wake up from a day dream and be surrounded by a myriad of pretty new things, which isn’t the worst way to to wake up from a dream, but it sure as hell isn’t a smart money move.


Your sense of self is going to come into question in the beginning of the month. Don’t act on this confusing energy, just let it sit. A loss around the 10th is going to hurt your bank account, so it’s time to get serious about your budget, organize your money habits. Relations at work are strained for you around the Full Moon on the 19th. You’ll find yourself saying things that you wish you’d kept close to your chest, simply because people are going to misconstrue what you’re trying to convey. You might want to work from home if you can to avoid making Susan in finance cry at her desk on accident. Things relax shortly after the Full Moon as the Sun enters your opposing sign Taurus. There’s a real “do what you need to do” vibe for you natal Scorpios at the end of the month. It’s not a “treat yo self” vibe, more like an adult version. Do the stuff that needs to be done, Scorpios are no stranger to this concept!


Your heart is going to know exactly what it wants on the 5th, but it’s likely to change its mind by the time your ruling planet of Jupiter stations to go retrograde for a few months on the 10th. This is a big leveling up for you natal Sagittarians when it comes to how you make money, but leveling up requires reflection, intention, and action-in that order! With Mercury going into Aries on the 17th you’ll find that you’ll be able to articulate yourself with more grace than usual. This is a time for speaking from the heart. An effortless release happens around the 19th and it creates space for you to travel. Perhaps it’s the release of an obligation or a relationship that was holding you back from beginning a new adventure. Lots of good shifts are coming your way! Taurus season begins on the 10th, and it may be a time of year when you find yourself nervously shaking your leg, biting the backs of your pens, and tapping incessantly on the table, but you’re going to be invited to lead in a big way around that time. Be wary, sometimes getting what we want is actually a tough lesson in disguise.


There’s tension for you around the 5th, but then again, does Capricorn not thrive in tension? Use this energy to kick start you on to a new project, be it getting back into running/the gym, starting to write that book you’ve been planning relentlessly, or even cancelling your Netflix subscription so you can be more productive this spring. Mercury in Aries isn’t your favorite aspect to live through, but once again, you’re a tough a** goat! You might come off the wrong way at work and with friends but having others fear you isn’t always a bad thing is it? In fact, there is a relationship that may end this month. Remember, every person we have in our life is a relationship, so this isn’t necessarily romantic but it is a necessary release (even if it doesn’t feel so good). On the 20th the sun will enter your sibling sing of Taurus and this energy is calling for you to tighten your grip on your money. Some call it stingy but you know that nothing is guaranteed and money talks.


You’ll meet someone new at the beginning of the month. This person is going to inspire you with the way they live their life. Allow them to be the teacher for once. When Jupiter stations to go retrograde on the 10th you’ll find that the usual uncomfortable groans or avoided eye contact that strangers and friends alike give when you’re on your 3rd diatribe about the inequalities and injustices in our modern society suddenly have turned into an interested audience. People will be willing to listen to you because you speak from the heart. Sure, you’re smart as hell too, but you’ll need to keep checking back in with yourself starting on the 17th to make sure that the words you speak are your own; that’s what people want to hear. In fact, if being paid to publicly speak (or to write) is something you’ve been toying with, the stars are aligning this month to make it so. The world needs your voice, and boy do you have quite a few things you’ve been wanting to say.


Sometimes taking a good hard look at ourselves is the scariest thing we can do, but the Universe is calling you to do so at the beginning of the month. What do you need specifically? What does success look like to you? What does freedom look like to you? How are you showing up for yourself and your dreams? A loss around the middle of the month is a necessary one. You’ll receive a message on the 10th about what this “loss” will be all about. You’ll feel the shift on the 17th when Mercury enters Aries, this might end the retrograde shadow but it won’t be a hallelujah sigh of relief for you, Pisces. You’ll be feeling the energy of everyone you encounter, so work from home if you can, spend time alone especially near water. Around the full moon on the 19th you’ll face a difficult conversation with a loved one, but fear not, difficult conversations can lead to stronger bonds shared if the language used is nonvoilent. You can both come out winners. Make sure your spendings are in line with your highest good at the end of the month. 



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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

Find her on Instagram @itsme_metis