March Money ‘Scopes


March Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



The time of Aries is approaching this month and you can feel the excitement bubbling up inside of you, shaking your limbs and calling upon your deep sense of adventure. Venus, the planet of love and money, shifts into Aquarius on the 1st. You may receive some unexpected money on this day, so keep your phone handy for any emails or phone calls coming your way. With the Mercury retrograde on the 5th and the new moon, both in Pisces, on the 6th you may be feeling frustrated by the lack of clear communication. Don’t lash out with anger, instead use your skills of direct communication to get things done. The full moon in Libra on the 21st gives you an opportunity to analyze your spendings, are they in harmony with your life path? Get rid of any unnecessary spending and be wary of emotional spending on the 26th.


You’re going to be feeling like money is flying away from you faster than you can keep track of it at the start of the month with Venus in Aquarius. Recognize that money is always coming to you, and you are the only one who gets to decide how you spend it. By the 6th you should be feeling more secure and stable, and the new moon in Pisces will give you a great opportunity to welcome more wealth into your life. Both Mars and Uranus will be in Taurus this month so you’ll feel very comfortable with doing things your way and at your own pace. Be wary of your own stubbornness as everyone else around you may be feeling the same way. It is a favorable month to take actionable steps towards your dreams, so when Venus enters Pisces on the 26th you’ll want to send the email, apply to the job, and buy the tools you need in order to bring your dreams into reality.


The 1st of the month will bring you an opportunity for a new business endeavour which will likely come from a friend or work acquaintance. You, like everyone else, will be feeling emotional around the 6th. You’ll be reading too much into things, take a break at work and go for a walk. If you cry in the bathroom it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone. By the time the Full Moon rises on the 21st you may be ready to sign some important documents. Dot your i’s with a heart. Full moons are a good time to release anything you don’t need in your life in the next month, so hangout with a close friend and talk about the world you want to see. An old friend may call you for a favor at the end of the month, the favor being some money lended. My friend’s dad once said, “never lend money to a friend you want to keep.” Me and my friend made it work, but I can’t deny that he had a point.


Bills, bills, bills, is paying them the only reason you go to work? That’s what it will feel like for most of the month. Be diligent about tracking your income and spending otherwise it will seem like your money has packed its bags and run off in the middle of the night. Monetarily, things move a little easier around the new moon on the 6th. Your emotions will feel like they’re working with you, not against you, so use the new moon energy at work to think of creative solutions to whatever is going on at work or in your personal life. You’ll get recognized for a job well done around the 6th, make sure to do things at your own pace and in your own way though! Prepare for an unexpected event on the 21st. It will require you to drop some extra cash, so start saving up now. By the 26th you’ll be in the clear again.


Venus moves into your polarity on the 1st of the month so now is a good time to buy that new laptop or phone you’ve been thinking about; just make sure you buy any electronics before that Mercury retrograde on the 5th. A situation at work is going to leave you utterly confused on the 6th, and in fact, this whole retrograde is going to leave you with far more answers than questions. If you don’t understand what your boss or client is asking you to do, try to ask as directly as possible. Tensions may rise and leave you feeling stuck with no way out. Feel free to browse job openings elsewhere at your desk when your coworkers aren’t looking, but hold out until the full moon on the 21st, because your dream job may just fall into your lap. Ok, maybe not fall into your lap, but the opportunity to do something you truly love could cross your path.


The Mercury retrograde in Pisces is going to mess with you in a special way. Back up everything on your phone and computer in the first 4 days of the month. Keep your electronics far away from the toilet, the sink, your fancy water bottle. Be aware that your calm, direct way of speaking is going to ruffle some feathers at work in the middle of the month. Do your best to keep your cool even when others are slacking, a meeting with HR is the last thing you want to do right now. After the 6th you’re going to need the space in your career to do things exactly as you want to. Ask your boss or client to have faith in your ability to know what is best, but be prepared for it to not go your way, especially around the 21st. 


Did someone get a bonus at work? Maybe a promotion? If you use your innate charm this month you can have the new title and the pay bump. The people in charge are picking up what you are putting down and they are particularly aware of your level head this month. You may feel stuck and confused with a lack of energy going into your work on the 6th, the new moon in Pisces and Uranus shifting into Taurus is to blame. Confusion and head butting is sure to ensue, just try not to unload your grievances on too many coworkers. Work gossip is only fun when it isn’t about you. The full moon in Libra is on the 21st! And you know what that means, big money baby. This is the time to do what needs to be done in order to live the life that you want to live. Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for exactly what you want. It listens. 


You’ll find that your taxes are particularly confusing if you try to do them in the beginning of the month, especially if you’re planning to file them online. To be honest, it’s 2019 who isn’t filling their taxes online? The energy of the New Moon on the 6th will have you feeling ready to start that project you’ve been putting off, but we are working through a Mercury Retrograde this month. That’s no reason to not utilize those good feelings around the 6th, but stay true to your powerful Scorpio self and double check that all your files are backed up, and read the article twice before signing on the dotted line. You’ll be feeling restless around the full moon on the 21st but it’s just a passing feeling, and restlessness can push you towards something you wouldn’t have originally considered.


I know that for most Sag suns, speaking your mind isn’t something you have to try to do, but it is something that is going to work to your best benefit this month. Talk to your boss about that new project you want to work on, but maybe not on the 6th. That new moon energy is going to leave you feeling an excess of energy which could lead to one of those epic foot-in-mouth moments that you know Linda is going to talk about in the break room. Fear not, there’s an opportunity around the 21st that will be a win win for you and whoever else in involved. Pay attention to any opportunity to give back to others, you’ll get back much more than you give. Something you buy online at the end of the month may not be exactly what you wanted but if anyone can take a negative and make it positive it’s you Sagittarius!


Things at work are shifting on the 1st and it’s going to make you feel a special kind of frustrated. There may be a new computer program your job or company is getting installed, and so all the structure you were happily used to is going to change. Double check that you’ve saved everything in those first few days of March and keep your coffee away from your computer to safe guard from any accidental spills. You’re going to feel more like your boss self by the New Moon on the 6th. This is a good day to seize or create a new opportunity in regards to your wealth. Sometimes opportunities fall into our laps and other times they are something we need to create. There is potential for work gossip around the Libra full moon on the 21st, try not to feed into it but keep your ears open. Your ability to understand other peoples emotions will do you well by the end of the month.


This is going to be a fruitful month for you solar Aquarians! With Venus in your sun sign money is something that flows easily to you. Be careful of frivolous overspending, you may be questioning some recent purchases by the new moon on the 6th. With all that money coming your way money will seem like a play thing, but it is an energy that demands respect. Organize and categorize your things, detach yourself from anything that you no longer need. If anyone owes you money, don’t try to confront them on the 21st. Also don’t be surprised if a date asks you to split the bill that night. It’s 2019 after all and your a strong independent human.


You’re likely to be spending without keeping tabs on your bank account this month and who can blame you? It is your birthday season after all. The Pisces Mercury retrograde on the 5th is going to have you feeling things more deeply than usual, but probably in a good way. It’s a good time for you to pick up an instrument, listen to songs or watch movies from your childhood, and pick up a pencil or paintbrush. On the 6th a new passion project or job opportunity will arise. With Uranus moving into Taurus you’ll be getting the right kind of kick in the butt to actually follow through with this opportunity. Make sure to get some alone time on the 21st, plan for a mental health day if you can, because that Libra full moon is going to make you feel lost and unmoored. If you need to buy any new supplies for that aforementioned opportunity, make sure to save any big ticket items for the 26th and beyond.


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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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