February Money ‘Scopes

February Money ‘Scopes

February starts with power struggles causing a stand-still at work. The 3rd helps to mend such issues, due to Venus’s transit through the work sphere of your chart. The New Moon on the 4th of February motivates you to ask for a raise from work, even if you have to negotiate! Valentine’s Day brings growth to the financial sector of your chart, encouraging you to grow your career and bank account. The Full Moon on the 19th will implement you as the leader of your coworkers, due to your new found professional and financial status. 

This month is your break from financial stresses. The main focus for you, dear Bull is work. With the New Moon activating the professional sector of your chart, you are on your way to creating a new vision for the public—perhaps even getting your hustle on to ensure financial success in an on going project. One thing is certain, you will be moving mountains professionally and creating buzz around your successes. The Full Moon on the 19th lifts your spirit, giving you the desire to restructure your endeavors, even if that means taking a salary cut. 

With Jupiter galvanizing through your house of partnerships, you may decide under the New Moon February 4th to take a step back and focus your energies on healing relationships. This rings true on the 19th, when the Full Moon makes you reassess your professional goals. Work may be going strong, but your personal life has taken the biggest hit of all. No matter how hot and heavy things may get in your personal relationships, don’t ignore your financial issues and max out your credit cards, as the 3rd can illuminate such matters. 

February brings major financial changes your way, due to the New Moon occurring February 4th. It’s a great time to organize standing financial issues by consolidating debt and paying back those you owe money to. Starting a new financial plan at the beginning of the month will prove beneficial, especially on the 3rd—as the 18th, 22, and 29th may bring financial stresses your way, mostly from business ventures (ie: entertaining clients and materials for projects). Create a budget and stick with your goals throughout the month in order to ensure financial success. 

Mid month you will feel the urge to assert your creativity and spend your money on such endeavors, particularly on the 14th and the 19th. Be careful of overspending on frivolous resources for projects. Also, on evenings out with friends. Your finances may combust by end of the month, forcing you to budget during the Full Moon on the 19th. The 22nd gives work a boost, however, also makes you feel very limited around money. The 26th makes you take cautionary steps to ensure your financial slump remains a thing of the past. 

The past month forced you to worry about financial matters. However, this month you are less inclined to focus on money and work. While money will still be on your mind on the 7th and 9th—it won’t be until after the 13th when you end your financial worries. The 13th brings unexpected ups and downs in the financial department, causing frustrations to surface mostly due to you purchasing goods out of your budget. This may even result in you returning your purchases soon after on the 18th. The objective of February is to bring you out of the red and into the green, with the right resourcing and planning this is all possible. 

Work is on a high for you, Libra. You are now the most popular kid on the block. Your employers will take notice of your hard efforts, even offering you a raise on the 14th. Watch out for tensions to rise in the office on the 9th and 19th, as professional jealousy from coworkers will force you to build other influential office buddies, who won’t be envious of your successes. Remember, you don’t have to feel guilty of your career advancement or promotion. You earned it all. You shouldn’t allow your success and the jealousy of others to stand in the way of your happiness. 

The New Moon on the 4th forces you to change your personal goals, allowing you to see a life beyond work. Your priorities are shifting this month, which will serve you to focus on building your bank account without compromising your ethics on the 7th. The Full Moon occurring on the 19th brings a lucrative opportunity your way, which will elevate your status—long as you stay true to your personal beliefs. Don’t compromise your values! February ends on a high note, bringing earthly success your way on the 23rd. 

2019 is a very stressful financial year for you, dear Archer. The 9th allows you to take a risk and place a big financial bet. While you may be used to waging your money against the house, this time you will be extra stressed, as you are taking a loan from a backer to place your bets. Whether you win or lose, you won’t be ahead in the game. The 13th encourages you to take one more gamble to improve your circumstances. However, the 18th leaves you financially dry, due to your backers demanding their funding plus interest, ending your credit on the 19th. 

The New Moon on February 4th aims set a new financial standard for you, which will benefit you all month, Capricorn. Your disposable income may have taken a hit, however, you have the chance to rebuild your bank account all month long. A new project on the 9th brings major change around your finances, boosting them up and helping you achieve financial nirvana by the Full Moon on the 19th. Don’t give up on your goals this month, with the right incentive and motivation you can save your pennies, allowing your bank account to reach new heights. 

The Full Moon on February 19th is the financial event of the year for you, Aquarius. With the Full Moon occurring in both financial sectors of your chart, you will have to reassess the way you spend money—particularly the charges on your credit card. While you may be drawn to spending money on holistic health and occult products, you may have to slow down your overspending. The credit card bill you receive in the mail will exceed your expectations. Use the Full Moon to navigate through your spending, even implementing a payment plan with your credit card company. 

February is the last month you will feel uncertain about personal finances, as Uranus is ending its 7 year journey through the financial sector of your chart March 6th. However, there are some lessons to learn before the planetary switch. You will have to learn to stay within a budget on the 9th, 13th, and 18th. Work will be running smooth all month, especially on the 11th, when your boss gives you special attention for your hard efforts—most of which you did not see coming. Embrace the glory, Pisces!