January Money ‘Scopes

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January Money ‘Scopes

January serves as your professional wake up call, as the Sun and Saturn align in the career sector of your chart on January 2nd, implementing a new dream around work. Money matters seem to resolve smoothly on the 3rd and 4th, due to a Grand Water Trine between Venus, the North Node of Destiny, and the asteroid Chiron which will all serve to heal recent financial missteps. The solar eclipse January 5th aims to push your professional life in high gear, however, you may fall victim to personal setbacks, as Neptune is activating your innermost fears to hold you back from achieving your goals. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of your success on January 8th. You’ve worked hard enough and deserve to prosper this month. January 20th brings inspiration and hope your way, through the support of your colleagues. Also, watch out for news regarding promotion or raise during the lunar eclipse occurring January 21st.

With your planetary ruler, Venus, aspecting the house of debt in your chart on January 7th, you will have the next month to figure out your finances. Starting off the new year with a fresh perspective on money will allow your bank account to sore throughout 2019. The solar eclipse January 5th aims to teach you lessons around your spend fast tendencies, pushing you to be more thrifty than you care to be, luxurious Taurus. January 20th elevates your professional status, which leads you to rethink the direction of your career under the lunar eclipse January 21st. January 31st helps you use your connections to your advantage in strategizing your next professional steps—use your contacts wisely!

January is a catalyst for you to rethink your financial investments, or, who you invest time in. You kick off 2019 feeling more confused than ever regarding the state of your career. The solar eclipse January 5th pushes you to ask for a raise at work, as you have been putting in massive amounts of overtime. However, you may not receive the payment you had wished for, causing you to second guess your career (especially when your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters the house of joint finances). With the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury lighting up your house of OPM (other peoples money), you feel stuck in more financial limbo during the solar eclipse as bills pile up and your raise is minimal. To further your frustrations, Jupiter and Neptune square off January 13th, which will impact your career, making you rethink your purpose on the 31st. Although circumstances may feel bleak this month, try to persevere through the storm, as February brings a lighter energy your way.

A new business partnership is headed your way January 2nd, leading you into the solar eclipse January 5th feeling strong and perilous. The lunar eclipse January 21st brings a financial payback your way, allowing you to sit back and relax. However, the last days of January serve as your financial wake up call to start saving your pennies and stop spending frivolously. A get rich quick scheme or a financial idea from your new partner could leave you feeling like a crab in hot water on January 31st, if you don’t question the circumstances of the investment and do your due diligence in investigating the project.

The solar eclipse January 5th brings up issues and resentments you’ve had with colleagues. However, you have the opportunity to press the reset button and start anew under the solar eclipse, allowing you to make amends with your coworkers as you move into the new year. January 13th brings a creative opportunity your way. The project may not yield a high salary, but, will give you a chance to put your artistic juices to work. The flip side of this transit, is that you may be over indulging in post New Year’s celebrations, causing financial setbacks to occur, as your credit card is bogged down with frivolous charges. The lunar eclipse January 21st helps you get your head back in focus, as the Moon connects with your Sun, starting your monthly personal New Moon which will lead you into personal growth and professional development.

January will make your head spin, Virgo! Especially around financial and professional matters. With your head recently lost in love, you have let your business go and you are now feeling the financial pinch of the matter. Uranus reawakens the house of debt in your chart, firing up your emotions as you see all the bills piling up and your bank account dwindling. Uranus has been moving backwards for the past five months, asking you to reassess your financials since August 7th. With its forward moment on the 6th, you will feel the sting of not planning your finances carefully, causing you to make hasty decisions mid month. January 13th will bring a professional opportunity your way, however, it may not align with your personal values, causing inner turmoil within you. Deciding whether or not to compromise your beliefs will be the focal point of the second half of the month until January 31st, when you decide to abandon the project to protect your ideals.

Work has been intense for you these past few months, causing your batteries to feel depleted and in need of a recharge. Venus, the North Node of Destiny, and the asteroid Chiron may bring personal and financial success on the 3rd and 4th. However, the solar eclipse on January 5th exhausts you, making you want to retreat from work momentarily. January 6th brings issues regarding work relationships, furthering professional boundaries that are pushed to the max January 8th. The lunar eclipse January 21st brings new career opportunities your way, as long as you have the energy to get out of the house in network. If not, use LinkedIn to your advantage and rub virtual elbows with those who can help advance your career.

2019 is a powerful year for you, Scorpio. You are finally getting the recognition you deserve, as well as the paycheck. The solar eclipse January 5th aims to cement your goals for the year, allowing you to start a whole new chapter in your professional career in publishing and spiritual pursuits. January 13th brings a unique project your way, which will definitely intrigue you. However, don’t sign off on the concept right away, as Neptune has some tricks up its sleeve, which may cause a financial windfall for you. Known to be a powerful financier, after all you are the sign of “sex, death, and taxes,” you may fall victim to a financial scheme on the 13th. Read the fine lines of the document and details of the project before committing, as you may find there are flaws, or, even deception in the contract. The lunar eclipse January 21st brings you a  new job title. Enjoy your newly professional status, after all, you’ve earned it!

Your finances will be taken on a roller coaster throughout January. January 2nd brings a financial loss, due to restrictive Saturn limiting your cash flow. This is heightened during the solar eclipse January 5th when your wallet may feel emptier than ever. A friend may offer assistance during the eclipse. If you decide to take the loan, be clear with the details. Let your friend know how and when you can pay them back. If you are not clear, January 13th can cause more issues than expected around your relationships and money. The solar eclipse January 21st gives you the chance to rethink your finances, with help of an advisor. Take the advice they offer and stick to a budget—this will only serve to help improve your finances.

January is your month for success, dear sea-goat. With your solar return bringing you lessons from your yearly orbit around the Sun, plus Saturn and Mercury aligning with your Sun, you are unstoppable now. Committing to the next dream is essential January 2nd and the 4th. Venus is harmoniously aspecting the North Node of Destiny, who is galvanizing through your house of partnerships, and healing asteroid Chiron, allowing you to put your smooth talking skills to work and collaborate with others on the 3rd and the 4th of January. This empowering energy brings you into the eclipse January 5th feeling stronger than ever, giving you the motivation to transform your world on the 6th, as your old hopes and wishes are reignited by the fortuitous luminary. January 8th brings frustrations around the next big professional step, as you are too eager to rush through projects without understanding what they entail. A big paycheck comes your way on the 20th, bringing you into the lunar eclipse January 21st with gold filling your bank account and an advance payment on your dreams.

January 3rd and 4th bring hopeful news of an impending promotion your way. However, be prepared to fight with your colleagues over the position during the solar eclipse January 5th. January 13th is a powerful day for you, Aquarius. As Jupiter and Neptune square off, you may feel professionally and monetarily stunted, as your bank account will dwindle, causing you alarm. While your loving cup may feel tipped and empty during this time, you will be once again hopeful on the 20th, when you start your solar return. The light will once again shine on you, promising you a lucrative year ahead. The lunar eclipse on the 21st brings a professional partnership to light, making you rethink your commitments to joint ventures. Finally, January 31st makes you more lustful over money—be sure to make secure investments before you cartwheel through your bank account.

January is a bit of a mixed energy. The solar eclipse January 5th align you with powerful colleagues, who will help advance your career. The caveat falls within you, dear sea dweller, as you are unsure if you are suited for this career path. You are having a professional existential crisis of sorts on January 13th, which will lead you to question your goals. You may feel as though you have worked so hard on your path and you have hit a brick wall, or, as though there is no advancement in your career. Regardless, you are now motivated to seek out new opportunities and professional directions, which will lead you down the path of success on the 31st.