Family and Putting Your Best Foot Forward


I feel like when it comes to family, we tend to be more sensitive and lash out further than we would with anyone else. We know these people inside and out, and we’re comfortable with them. So when they do something that hurts us, we can act out in ways that we wouldn’t with anyone else.

It’s almost as if we know too much. We couldn’t assume with others as we can with family, because we’ve seen it all before. There is so much history to draw from, that whatever shit they pull can be traced back to a similar scenario. And the vulnerability factor is just so much greater when it’s a person you’re THAT close to. It’s enough to make you crazy!

When conflict arises, as in the Five of Wands, things can get a little testy and, since we know each other so well, we can say hurtful things to bring our family member to the level of hurt that we’re feeling. Conflict and tension arise and we say things that we’ll later regret.

Which can lead to the loose ends in the Five of Swords. Storming away after conflict will lead to a lack of closure, and can almost be worse than hurling insults. Not talking can sting even worse than sharp words. It feels like betrayal.

So, the moral of the story is to really try with family. Because the emotional stakes are so high, its imperative to put your best foot forward and rise above the pettiness. Reaching out in a calm manner that describes how you feel and clarifies your emotions is far more constructive than screaming and insulting. Your family might know how to push your buttons, but a hasty reaction can lead to an even worse feeling. Dealing with family isn’t always easy, but they’re yours. It’s best to just take a deep breath, sort your emotions out clearly, and approach a situation with a level head. Get calm, and stay witchy ( *)