ThursdayThinks: Bringing Your Shadow to Light



Shadow Work is work to be done in the murky depths of your soul, but one to be unjudged and untamed as you trudge through the trenches. It is very deep and emotional work, but once you get into it, you’ll see incredible results manifesting in your life!

Essentially, when you find certain behavior distasteful, it is because there is a piece of you that connects with it, and you’ve shunned it into your shadow. Disowning it. And at the most inopportune times, it will show up and wreak havoc.

So in order to tame the shame, we have to show our shadow some compassion. A way to recognize this is by doing the exercise below:

Watch a movie or TV show in which you absolutely hate a character and try to identify with them.

Sit with a piece of paper and make a log of every single behavior you have a reaction to, and try to dissect it.

Why does that face make you annoyed? Why does that response anger you? What is it inside you that reacts to their reaction?

Keep a log of this and try to identify with the negative, and when you’re done with the movie/ show, read your findings aloud. Reading aloud honors them and shows attention.

Read without judgement and acknowledge that this is a part of you.

Then, if you feel so inspired, start an inner dialogue, devoid of judgement, as to when these were cast to the shadows. Understanding your shadow is the best way to heal it.

Happy hunting, and stay witchy ( *)

6 thoughts on “ThursdayThinks: Bringing Your Shadow to Light

  1. Fabulous blog post. Beautifully written and full of wisdom. Love the character exercise, too. I’ve been doing shadow work for about eight months now, and I can’t believe the spasms of resistance my ego puts in the way of the work. But the work is so worth the deeper peace and wholeness I feel now that I’m not fighting with my dark half.

  2. 26°♏ she will be. Just had a call from a sister in the craft…. and incredibly good outcome to someone heaping their shit on her last week
    This moon looks fortuitous

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