WednesdayWisdoms: Taking it Easy

For all my high achievers out there, I know it is hard to take some time to relax and enjoy yourselves. I know we can’t all go on expensive vacations around the world, but we can at least dedicate a few hours to ourselves out of our week to take it easy.

This week, I want you to pick one day and block off a few hours. Do a mud mask. Take a bath. Workout and then meditate. Watch Orange is the New Black. Any activity you want, but just be sure to dedicate it to yourself, sans interruptions. You deserve to kick back, so carve out the time! It is possible. I promise.

Set out a schedule of your week and see what you can move around to make it happen. Can you do laundry after work one day in order to free up some time on Sunday? Do it. Make time for yourself and structure your week accordingly. Your soul will thank you.

Stay mindful of your own time, and stay witchy ( *)

4 thoughts on “WednesdayWisdoms: Taking it Easy

  1. Thanks for this reminder to take it easy. I usually dedicate Sundays to winding down and relaxing. Some weekends, I have all these events planned out, I can’t even make time for myself! But it’s definitely important to set aside some time for yourself. I go crazy when I don’t!

    Have a great week, babe. x

    Valerie |

  2. I don’t seem to be able to sometimes. Sore back this week and many people I work with are out of action. I have to work for now… as a volunteer. Meanwhile those of us on pensions are being vilified in the press. Friday today… none of us will be knocking off early for a red wine lunch. Many of us are sober and abstinent of all drugs. No holidays on 20K a year and volunteering to help others. 24/7/365
    Will meditate in a sec though to get the day started

  3. So true. We must take some time for ourselves. People like to say they don’t have a time. But we must have a time for us right. We must have a time to refuel our car πŸ™‚

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