Surprise Post! New Moon in Gemini Ritual Findings 

Generally I don’t like to share the specifics of my rituals or personal readings, because they are just that: personal.

But what happened last night was so profound that I had to share with my readers. I feel cleansed. And I feel light.

I also wanted to share my method in my own tarot readings. I know a lot of you are aspiring readers and I thought my vulnerability may shed some insight on how to most authentically read for yourselves and others.

Ok, so let’s start with the ritual…

…Last night was a New Moon in Gemini. Energies were chatty, collaborative, and forgiving of your inner twin. Coupled with the cleansing power of a New Moon, which is ripe for intention setting, we had quite a night last night.

My ritual consisted of saging the air, charging my crystals, lighting a white candle for purity, and getting busy.

In my notebook I purged everything that had been plaguing me. I won’t get into it too deep, but there were roots to my writers block and recent emotional state. Through stream of consciousness under a New Moon, I got EVERYTHING OUT.

Then I went through a round of tapping. I’m currently working on getting my certification, but for anyone who wants to just understand the basics, this is a pretty good link. I might write about it in a later post, myself.

Anyways, in order for the tapping to work, I addressed the emotional root of my writers block and did multiple rounds of tapping while sage smoke surrounded my body and the candle flickered past my closed eyelids. After about three rounds I started to cry and I felt more free than a bird in the sky.

I then held my rose quartz to my heart and repeated a mantra three times, one that was very specific to the root of my pain. I envisioned pink light enveloping my body and shooting out through my fingers and toes. I fluttered open my eyes and the room had a pink glow. There was unconditional love there and I felt it.

I also want to mention a note here: I do not subscribe to a “you must do this, this and this” strict type of ritual setting. I think certain rituals work for certain people, and you must do what is appropriate for your state. This is why I create personalized rituals for all of my clients. But I digress.

Beyond the obvious magic that was happening, I knew it was time to pull out my cards and perform the spread I had created and shared on Instagram.








My usual process comes from a burning feeling in my palms. I’ll shuffle the cards like a poker player, then cut them and shuffle them more traditionally. I’ll repeat this until I feel a hot sensation connecting from my hands to the cards, cut the deck where I feel the heat, and lay out all of the cards that are on top. For this spread there were six.

My deepest desire was the Star, a card of hope, renewal, and inspiration. Ok well duh. Who doesn’t want that??

I dug a little further though and found that this was going to be a career based reading. I so badly want my business to flourish so I can reach as many women as possible, and my deepest desire is to maintain my inspiration, inspire hope, and reinvent as many times as necessary to stay fresh and relatable.

What must I release to manifest this desire? Well, what a surprise, the Hierophant reversed. This card tells me that the fear of challenging the status quo should be left far behind, for this career path needs trailblazers and innovators to stand out. Having already known that, and trying to practice it (with a few blunders along the way) I had a solidified message.

How can I accept the help of others to achieve it? The Knight of Cups! The card shook me by the shoulders and said, “darling, use your charm, wit, and imagination to get people on your side!”

I feel that this side of me comes out in my writing for the most part, but I do see myself censoring certain topics because of how it will be viewed. This card told me to let that go.

What should I keep my eyes open for? The Two of Swords, which is indicative of a choice to be made. The imagery suggests that the woman is blindfolded to all of the options, and is thus telling me I should not be hasty and explore all possibilities before jumping in headfirst (which I tend to do.)

What should not hold such importance is the Fool reversed. This card suggests foolishness and reckless behavior. I took this to mean that going out and spending money should be kept to a minimum, because growing my business is essential right now.

Finally, what power can I harness to activate my intentions? The Nine of Cups, which is a card of comfort, happiness and satisfaction. This card spoke to me in the way of gratitude; I am comfortable and happy, and should be satisfied with what I have. The constant want for more may hold me back, and I need to find a balance between chasing the dream and appreciating the fruits of my labor.

So all in all, this was a positive spread, but also pointed me in the direction of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I tend to live in extremes, and this spread in particular told me to slow down and focus.

My biggest tip for those of you starting out, who are afraid of large spreads, is to focus on one card at a time. Listen to what your gut is telling you, not what the internet is telling you. And then let the cards create a story. When you link together individual messages, you’ll create an entire synopsis of your days ahead.

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Keep practicing and stay witchy ( *)