WednesdayWisdoms: Being Alone

I think a lot of the reason why we dive into unhealthy behaviors is because we’re afraid of being alone. It can be terrifying to be by ourselves and faced with our truths, so we run in a myriad of ways.

When I started this blog and publicly dove into the depths of my mind, I was all alone swimming in a scary pool of self doubt. But I needed to explore the depths before going back to the surface. It cleansed me.

So for this weeks practice, I want you to be alone. Read a book, write in a journal, do a yoga session, make jewelry, read your own tarot cards, do arts and crafts, take a bath, literally ANY hobby. But do it without distraction. Not with a glass of wine. Not while the TV is on. Not with a huge bag of chips or candy.

Go on a date with yourself and see what you find. What is intriguing in your mind? Do you find that inner critic coming up? Can you follow the advice from last Wednesday to quiet it?

Spend at least an hour doing this solitary activity, and then, when you are done, write down how you feel. Write down what you learned. Make concrete observations and force yourself into self awareness.

The more you practice this, the more you will learn to appreciate yourself. You will open up a Pandora’s Box of creativity, but maybe not until you flush out some monsters. This exercise, over time, will increase your confidence because YOU will know YOU inside and out.

It might be scary at first, and if it is, write it down. Write down why. Show yourself some compassion for being scared. It takes courage to face your truth.

So get out of your comfort space, get alone, and stay witchy ( *)

8 thoughts on “WednesdayWisdoms: Being Alone

  1. Sound suggestions. I do these things and is probably the impetus behind starting to write here. So much percolates into my consciousness that I had to find an outlet and as I look around there seems to be a severe deficit of personal awareness among our species.

  2. My grandmother, who spent much of the last few decades of her life living alone far from others, used to wish us the capacity to enjoy our own solitude and aloneness without being lonely- a powerful gift. I have been grateful for the gifts of solitude, reflection and creativity, but there are still those rare times when something has triggered deep within me and I feel the edgy dissatisfaction and craving for distraction from myself. It’s interesting to observe those moments, and at times I can notice with awareness and channel the energy into creativity, and at others I still give in to seeking (sometimes unhealthy) distractions. Thanks for the reminder to keep on the the journey, and keep trying to shake hands with those sneaky demons of self-doubt and fear….

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