WednesdayWisdoms: Practicing Vulnerability

Vulnerability is scary, right?

It takes courage to be vulnerable, but when we are open and honest with ourselves and others, we start to learn and relate in ways that seem magical.

People that radiate high vibrations flock to honesty, and those are the people you want in your circle to lift you up and celebrate with you.

So this week, this is what we’re going to practice. I’ll go first:

I have a job outside of coaching that keeps me living the lifestyle I want. For a long time I had been down on myself for being in the service industry because I thought a fancy job title would give me a sense of purpose and that people my age should have a career that they are thriving in. And bartending was never what I saw myself doing long term. I thought that it was menial labor with no sense of fulfillment and that I was stuck.

Now, in order to keep me living comfortably in the city, I use the money from bartending to supplement my wallet while I live out my life’s purpose of coaching women into listening to their intuition. It is not what defines me, but rather what allows me to live the way I want to.

And there is nothing wrong with bartending! It is a great job with great money, but I was searching for purpose and couldn’t find it. And that was because, at the time, I wasn’t living to serve humanity. I was serving my ego by searching for a job title.

Now that I have found what lights my fire (helping women) I don’t get down on myself for having a second job! I am secure in my place in the world and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having supplemental income when you need it.

So now, I invite YOU to get vulnerable:

What do you beat yourself up about?

What stories have you made up throughout your life that surround this issue?

What would you tell a friend who was in this exact position?

What advice would you give him/her?

Can you follow that advice now?

And once you have completed this worksheet, go share this struggle with a family member or friend. Open up to someone you trust and see how they react. You might be surprised at how good it feels.

This is the first step in getting vulnerable, and you will feel a huge burden lift right off of your shoulders!

Get vulnerable, and stay witchy ( *)