When Not Engaging is the Best Self Defense

When someone is acting childish, hurling insults, and just plain not seeing your side of the story, it’s easy to get frustrated and argue in order to “win.”
But what are you actually gaining from this behavior? Is it really worth it to throw some insults back at them? Because that almost always ends in regret.

As we see in the Five of Wands, everyone is shouting to no avail. No one wins because everyone wants to. And at the end of the day, is it about winning? Or is it about being heard?

What we should remember, instead, is to take the high road and not engage. When you do this, you’re actually forcing the person to look at their outlandish behavior, and, generally, they will shrink up and scurry away. And if this is someone worth having a discussion with, they will return once they have calmed down.

Embody the Queen of Cups and turn to compassion over reaction. Politely disengage from the argument until the other party is ready to communicate effectively. Have control over your emotions and remember that “winning” is not the desired result. Rather, showing up honestly and gracefully is the goal.

So next time a significant other is throwing a temper tantrum, or an uptight boss has a meltdown, take the high road. Not engaging in their fit will force them to see how ridiculous their actions are, and nine times out of ten they will reflect and apologize. Stay grounded, and stay witchy ( *)