WednesdayWisdoms: How to Meditate



Welcome to a new segment, witch babes!

Since the My Trending Stories series has come to a close, I decided to implement something very useful for my readers. Welcome to WednesdayWisdoms!

Today I’m going to teach you how to meditate, because it has helped me in incredible ways!

I usually do it from 2-5 minutes a day. It really helps to sit with your back up straight, and to set a timer on your phone so you aren’t focused on how much time is going by.

And from here you just focus on your breath! I try to imagine the air flowing through my nostrils, filling my lungs, and exhaling out of my body. Then I continue the cycle.

If your mind flows in and out of thoughts, don’t beat yourself up! This is why it’s a practice. But every time you feel your thoughts slipping away, return it to your breath. And pretty soon, you’ll find yourself in a calm space away from clutter.

Instead of picking up your phone first thing in the morning, set a timer. Or, instead of watching that last TV show before bed, get meditating to relax. It is super easy to fit in 2-5 minutes, I promise!

The benefits of meditation are vast, and help to cultivate a sense of peace. It creates this space in your brain you can return to when you experience anxiety, fear, depression, etc.

Make it a part of your daily practice and you’ll start seeing a difference in a few weeks.

Stay meditating and stay witchy ( *)