From Survivor to Thriver


Since I have been hosting my podcast, I have asked my guests a final question that is always the same: When you look in the mirror today, who do you see?

And almost every single time they answer: a survivor.

All of my guests, and all of the women in the world, are survivors. At least to some degree, every woman has beat the odds to be in the position she is now. It’s an extraordinary thing.

But when I think of a survivor, I think of someone in tattered clothes with a burning wreckage behind them that they’ve just escaped. I think of a beautiful woman with a look of determination on her face as she walks away from the flames.¬†She did it. She got out.

But how do we fast forward to a day where that same woman is prospering and showered?

Survivor–> Thriver.

Staying stuck in the parameters of a survivor is limiting. The memories of what you have survived are in the near past, and are still defining you as a human.

As the Chariot suggests, you have overcome an opposition. You are victorious. But now what?

To move in the direction of thriving, to feel the warmth, radiance, and abundance of the Sun, we need to heal and forgive. We need to put those memories behind us so we can move forward in our journey. We will never forget them, they are part of our story, but they no longer are the asterisk next to our name. They are at the very bottom of our Wikipedia page, below the many successes we have conquered due to the skills and knowledge we gained from those fateful tests.

We all move at our own pace towards thriving. It takes a long time to heal and reach forgiveness. But holding on to pain holds us back. Get thriving and stay witchy ( *)