Your Self Loathing Affects Everyone Around You


The Page of Cups represents someone who is emotionally insecure. Someone who runs away from their problems with drugs and drinking. Someone who is a bit of a spiritual wreck.

Sound familiar?

What happens when you exhibit these kinds of behaviors, quite honestly, is that no one wants to be around you. There might be a few fellow self- loathers that will be in your company while you drink or while you smoke, but they’re doing the same thing you’re doing: thinking only about themselves and their problems. You two will be in the same room, but not in the same space at all. You’ll be occupying the same atmosphere, but on entirely different planes. That is what happens when you self pity.

In order to have strong relationships, there must be a give and take. Strong relationships help motivate you and push you forward, and when you’re feeling well, you are (nine times out of ten) doing well. But when all you can do is run away, complain, live in insecurity, and give power to your fears, well, lets just say like attracts like. And its cyclical.

The Star, on the other hand, represents renewal and inspiration. It shows that, though you’ve had a rough time, you’re ready to heal and move forward. This readiness and clarity is transformative, and you must reach deep down inside and do the work to get to be bright and shiny, just like the alluring Star.

No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer. Servers don’t want to serve you. People don’t want to help you out on the phone when your package is missing. No one wants to hold the door open for you or do you any favors. And this is because your sour energy affects the universe and they can taste it.

So snap out of it! Find out what is really missing in your life that is creating this negative space. Get clear about what you want in life and go chase it! Transform into the Star that you are, and I PROMISE your whole world will reflect the positive change. Stop wallowing, and stay witchy ( *)