The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy is tricky. It will pop up when you least expect it, and proceed to torture and consume you. It becomes an obsession.

It is pretty clear, however, that jealousy is just another by-product of insecurity. The “you aren’t good enough” track plays over and over in your head and so you compare yourself to everyone that seems to have what you “don’t.”

Indicated by the reversed position of the Knight of Cups, jealousy comes from acting with emotion over logic, and what is more emotionally controlled than insecurity? This is not a mindful exercise, but rather a learned response to beliefs we have collected throughout our early lives. It has now become a quick draw for whenever that icky insecurity sets in, because it is easier to project outwardly than focus internally.

Now, aside from the obvious problems with this, we also have to understand that the stories that we make up about the people we are jealous of are usually completely untrue. What we see at face value, on Instagram, on Facebook, those are just the versions of us we want people to see. So why wouldn’t that be true of the target of your jealousy?

But lets get a little more specific here and look at jealousy in relationships. Whether you are the jealous one or your partner is, neither is particularly fun to be. While one is running around cherry picking things to get upset about, the other is generally the target of distrust. And you can see here how that will inevitably crumble a union.

Jealousy can be an armor of protection against getting hurt by your partner. Causing a fight over suspicion is easier to do than to trust them. Trust is scary. And when you trust someone who betrays you, it can cause extreme emotional damage.

The Seven of Swords usually indicates betrayal. But what is extremely important to understand is to not let past betrayals get in the way of a new relationship. While you are now wiser than before, and are able to pick up red flags when necessary, you must learn to open your heart fully and trust the other person because you trust YOURSELF. Remember, you can’t paint all the flags red because you are scared. Sometimes a flag is just a flag.

So, bottom line, at the root of all of this jealousy lies insecurity. If this is something you struggle with, I invite you to sit down and make a list. I want you to write down everything that you are in one column, and everything that you are not in another column. I want you to write as close to fifty in each column as you can. And I think you’ll see, as you get further down the list, some of the old beliefs start to get stripped away, and you have to rely on your authentic self for the answers. Stay secure and stay witchy ( *)