When Compromise Becomes Compromising

There must be a theme of compromise in relationships; it is perfectly necessary when two people learn how to work together while being emotionally invested in each other. But what happens when there is only one person sacrificing? How can you measure who brings what to the table?

First and foremost, I think I should clarify that one shouldn’t get too wrapped up in a 50/ 50 split at all times. Sometimes one person will sacrifice more for the other, and then it will switch up. The important part is that down the line of the relationship, you both know you will have each other’s backs when needed.

But where we can get into trouble, is when one person is constantly catching the other, and then justifying it with “unconditional love.”

This is where we see the Two of Swords. A message that you may be blindfolded to the compromise. That you are giving more than your partner would for you.

You see, love is conditional. There should be conditions for every thing in life. This is how we protect ourselves. And to jump into a love with no boundaries to become a literal love servant, you will get into immense trouble. This is obviously a case for the extreme, but you must learn when you are giving up too much of yourself for someone who will not respect your input.

The Three of Cups reversed will indicate three’s a crowd, which in this case signifies an insecurity you are making up for or catering to. When it is clear that your partner will not hold you up when you are down, or what’s worse, will make it seem like he/ she will without really doing anything, and you will constantly give 100 %, you have to ask yourself: what am I afraid of?


More often than not, the extent to which you will compromise yourself and your feelings for your partner runs parallel with the fear attached to losing them. If I let them borrow money, they’ll know how much I love them. If I miss work to spend all day with them, they’ll know how much I love them. If I buy them gifts I can’t afford, they’ll know how much I love them.

These are examples of extending yourself to where not only can you not reach high enough to hold up your partner, but you’ve lost your footing to keep yourself grounded. Compromise in relationships is healthy, but there needs to be a balance. Take care of yourself first, and stay witchy ( *)