Surrender isn’t Losing


The Hanged Man can suggest that it is finally time to let go. And I don’t know of a word people are more afraid of than surrender.

When I first walked into the rooms of various support groups, I used to cringe at this word. And they throw it around A LOT. See, in my head, as a struggling perfectionist, surrender looked like waiving the white flag because you gave up. Because you were going to lose. And I wasn’t ready to live with that connotation.

However, surrender is quite a powerful idea. No, this is not a theme of war and tragedy, but rather relinquishing the tight reigns of control. You see, when you try to control outside forces that you just cannot, you are hurting yourself by obsessing. And when you surrender, you free yourself from that obsession, because you’ve given it up to something bigger than yourself.

And something bigger than yourself can be anything really. God, Goddess, energy, light, your kitchen sink. The point is that you have a metaphorical symbol to give your control over to. It helps to visualize. It helps to personify. It helps make it easier.

So when you think about surrender, don’t demonize it and make it weak. Because there are not many things in this world harder than realizing you can’t control everything. But when you accept this fact and practice this act of freedom, you will feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders. Stay mindful of your control, and stay witchy ( *)