The Cycle of People Pleasing


The Hanged Man reversed is a card of martyrdom and sacrifice. But when these acts aren’t for the greater good, but for the manipulation of others, it can really set you back.

When you are a people pleaser, you will say and do things in order to get people to like you and to keep them liking you. You are not honoring yourself, nor are you creating a relationship in which they respect you. You instead, are manipulating the situation to create a personal utopia in which you can do no wrong. And that is just false.

Further, when you practice people pleasing, you will come across many people who know how to use the word “no,” and this will, in turn, upset you, because they aren’t trying to people please YOU. So instead of just honoring yourself and your needs in the first place, you’ve now created a situation in which you are sacrificing yourself for a person who isn’t speaking your language. And guess what? No one should speak the language of unnecessary self sacrifice.

When you people please, you are putting yourself second. You are exhibiting an inherent belief that your happiness is not worth as much as their happiness, and is therefore unimportant and irrelevant. It is much more important that people like you than for you to set boundaries and say the word no.

If this is something you struggle with, I want you to practice using your voice. Say no to one person this week. Whether it’s for a simple outing you don’t want to go on, an extra lump of work that you just can’t manage, or to picking your friend up from the airport when you have other plans. Just say no, and watch the other persons reaction. I think you’ll be surprised when the world doesn’t cave in. Honor yourself always and stay witchy ( *)