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Welcome to the first 2017 installment of Witchcrafts! Today I am going to teach you how to make Moon Water, which you can start making on February 10, the second full moon of the year!

Moon Water is very easy to make and has many spiritual and magical qualities. It can be used in rituals, to drink, or in accompaniment with a bath to enhance relaxation. I’ve also made Moon Water vessel necklaces that I added to my Etsy shop!


I made my batch of Moon Water during the Super Moon in November, and still haven’t run out yet.

First, I suggest getting a large glass vessel, something that the full moon light can seep through. Then fill the vessel with purified water, and if you feel so inclined, you can charge it with an intention or purify it further with sage. Whatever you feel best cleanses and adds importance to your Moon Water should be done prior to the full moon.


Once you’ve completed your cleansing, place the vessel in a spot where it can receive the most light from the full moon. I put mine on the roof of my complex. Let it sit there over night.

Bring the vessel back in come morning, and voila! Moon Water!

As a ritualistic practice and a beautiful metaphor for clean energy, I love the meaning of Moon Water and have therefore created a pendant with an amethyst (for clarity) floating inside. Look for it on my Product Page!



Stay clear and stay witchy ( *)