Who is My Ideal Self?

This exercise took manually digging through the cards. But if I were at the top of my game, these are the qualities that I would like to possess, and once I see these in my minds eye, it is much easier to work on attaining them than if they had no definition at all. Lets see the traits that I admire…

Its not surprising that I would choose some Major Arcana and a Queen to look up to, am I right?

Ok so here we go:

The Queen of Wands leads a busy and active life, is cheerful and optimistic, and is self assured. She holds her confidence quietly and isn’t easily rattled.

The Two of Wands is bold and original. He is not afraid to express his ideas. He has the whole world in his hands.

The Ace of Cups represents listening to intuition and the ability to experience intimacy; proceeding with love and an open heart.

Strength shows you can endure through patience, compassion, and soft control.

And finally, Temperance signifies moderation and balance.

All of these qualities are attainable through self awareness and hard work. Making the shift from a negative force to a positive one is as easily understood as shifting your perspective. But it takes dedication and some digging to do so. In the final part of this series, I will show you exactly how I plan to keep working on myself to ensure my happiest life. Stay witchy ( *)