Savoring Your Failures


The Seven of Pentacles conveys themes of hard work and perseverance. It shows an investment in something, usually long term, and the expectation for reward.

But what if this investment isn’t as profitable as you had hoped? What if the finish line started to looked bleak from the other side, and you wish you hadn’t even started the race?

Well I’m sure we’ve all encountered less than fruitful endeavors. Most recently for me was my venture in real estate. After doing all of the classes, becoming certified, and practicing for around 6 months, I realized I was just not cut out for the business. I didn’t make a single cent and had to keep full time bartending to supplement.

And I’m going to tell you why this is OK.

Failures are never really failures. It is such an ugly and intense word with such a negative connotation, but it really shouldn’t be. Failures are not failures, they are vehicles.

No, I did not do well in real estate. But, through the short venture, I found that I was not cut out for it because of my personality and how far I am willing to go to cut a deal. My heart wasn’t in it. When I used to see myself as a shark who was fierce and business savvy, I realized that I actually wasn’t. At least, not in this context. I need more of a human connection, rather than looking at a client as a paycheck.

I tried to befriend my clients and listen to their needs. I tried to help them in every way possible in order to get them their “dream apartment…for now.” But I ended up getting swept out of the way by agents who were more aggressive and had more knowledge. It left me feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

Through this lack of fulfillment (spiritually and monetarily,) I reached a point that I yearned for creativity so badly that I started this blog. Without that failure, or rather, that vehicle, I would not have had the push.

So savor your failures and thank them for bringing you to the point you’re at now. Even if that point looks cloudy, there’s sunshine up ahead through the knowledge you’ve gained. Stay thankful, keep failing, keep discovering, and stay witchy ( *)