Emotional Intelligence


The Queen of Cups is a Queen of emotions. She is introspective and compassionate. She understands herself and listens to others. She is emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence is of high importance for many reasons. The basal reason being that most every aspect of our lives is founded on human interaction. Be it at work, in a relationship, or just crossing the street, emotional intelligence can help you interact better with your fellow people.

Emotional intelligence, however, starts from within. If you are not able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, your emotional ups and downs, and your triggers, it is that much harder to read other people. If you can’t identify the emotions closest to you, how can you understand and connect with the emotions¬†outside of you?

This is where compassion comes in.

Compassion, in this instance, I am defining as the concern for others and the ability to listen.

If you are compassionate to others, you can be compassionate to yourself, and vice versa. Lending an active listening ear to those around you will tell you a lot about who you are dealing with, on the surface and underneath. If you do the same to yourself, and actively listen to your own patterns, you can start to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Connecting with people on this level builds foundations of trust. And connecting with yourself builds confidence on the trust of your patterns and intuition.

So in order to become more emotionally intelligent, I suggest to take a step back from being so inside yourself to taking the role of an observer. Not so much that you create harsh distance, but enough so that you can see things from another perspective.

Get compassionate, and stay witchy ( *)