Acting With Intention Over Impulsion


In a city like New York, it’s hard to not be impulsive. Whether its a last minute night out with friends, an unexpected date, or a spontaneous event, there is always an excuse to go out and do something unplanned.

However, when our life becomes all about impulsive behaviors and we lack any sort of routine, its easy to fall down the rabbit hole and lose control. When we start to feel like we’re spiraling, we need to remember to act with intention.

Intention is the practice of doing something with meaning, planning, and forethought. When we set our life full of intentions grounded in a core value, we build a foundation for who we are, and in turn, create healthy patterns of behavior.

For example, maybe you feel like you’re losing control by going out and partying too much. But with so many friends you feel you owe time to, and the only activity that people ever really seem to want to do is go out for a drink, it seems impossible to cut down and stick to a healthy routine.

Well, there is a solution. And it is acting with intention. Whether you create plans to do something that doesn’t involve drinking (and there are many) or you stick to an allotted amount of drinks when you visit, you are practicing willpower and taking back control when you feel like you’re spiraling.

By making an initial plan you are acting with intention. By sticking to said plan, you are honoring and respecting your own wishes. But it is important to remember that this is a practice, and you will mess up a few times before you get it right.

I’m not saying to live without impulse. Being impulsive and spontaneous is fun. But when you work on your intentions first, your impulses tend to be less damaging. When we live our life only on impulsion, we have no basis of groundwork and our structure crumbles. We become anxious and confused. And this is why intentions are so important.

So get out there and make a plan. One day at a time, act with intention. And pretty soon, you’ll see that you have control over your actions in this world we live in. Stay witchy, witches ( *)