The “Should” Factor


The Tower card represents a structure that, under pressure, will crumble. And essentially, this is what happens internally when you only focus on what you “should” do rather that what you want.

Feeling pressured to do something isn’t out of the ordinary for any of us. There are constant environmental pressures that we cannot escape. The external will always find a way to mold our internal by the way it sees fit. Or rather, our stories that we invent ABOUT the external will manipulate our “should.”

Unfortunately, we restrict ourselves when we succumb to these pressures. Feeling like we “should” do something instead of actually following what we want to do, we lose sight of ourselves and start to feel unfulfilled.

I “should” stay in this job for xyz. I “shouldn’t” ask this person on a date for xyz. I “should” feel this way because of xyz.

If any of these things sound familiar, you have experienced pressures that hinder you from living life to its fullest.

Living fully and expressing yourself means doing what you want to (under reasonable parameters, obviously.) So when you invent these “should”s because of your assumption of your environment, you hold yourself back from not only reality, but the possibility of greatness.

So get brave and remember to stay witchy ( *)