Mean Girls


Remember that saying: I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you?

Well that saying holds a lot of truth. When someone is outwardly rude or cruel, it’s a direct reflection of them. The only thing you are responsible for is how you show up and how you use your feelings after such an interaction. And that takes a lot of strength.

Now let’s be clear: this is a blog about SELF growth. I am not advocating everyone’s actions in the world and think all people are angels. Most of the time they aren’t. But if we individually work on self empowerment, maybe collectively we can all treat each other with more kindness.

When someone hurts your feelings, some people might suggest to not think about it. Well, I, for one, just don’t operate that way. Not by a long shot. But when I change my thinking from giving the inner critic a megaphone and start analyzing MY participation, I say that I showed up the best way I could, and everything else was on them. I get to go home sleeping on a pillow of self acceptance and they get to go home doing whatever they do. To me, I won.

This is about accountability. You are the only one responsible for how you feel and act. So to shower yourself in shame because one person decided to hurt you gives them all of the power.

So take that power back and stay witchy ( *)