You’re Not Good Enough

20 - judgement reversed

Has anyone ever made you feel as though you weren’t good enough? Have you ever said these words to yourself?

No shit. We all have.

In a world full of haters and the “inner critic” being more powerful than ever, it’s hard to not have some self doubt and feel less than desirable. With Facebook and Instagram highlighting only the most glamorous parts of one’s life, its inevitable that we stack ourselves up to our friends and family once in a while.

The reversed image of the judgement card suggests self doubt. And self doubt is not a friend we want. That voice in our head that tells us that “His life is so much better than mine,” or “She’s so much prettier than I’ll ever be,” is destructive and fatal.

But what if we think that our inner critic motivates us? What if that voice is much like that stereotypical Russian gymnastics coach who is tough but gets results? What if without the inner critic we would just float through life, unaware that we could be doing better?

Well those excuses listed above are simply just bullshit. And if we use those excuses to continue bullying ourselves, we will just drive ourselves deeper into self hate.

Motivating with self love is much more sustainable. To be able to come from a place of understanding for ourselves is so powerful, that when we fail we don’t dive into self destruction, but understand why we failed in the first place. Then we get back up on that metaphorical horse and trot to freedom.

So stop being so hard on yourself and start recognizing when your inner critic is getting the best of you. Once you acknowledge that that voice starts and ends with you, you give it a whole lot less power. So stay understanding and stay witchy ( *)