Why Compassion is so Powerful


True strength comes from compassion.

Is anyone else fiery? Hot-tempered? Impulsive??

Well, I know that is definitely part of my character. Much like the lion in this card, I have tamed these traits over time, but when I was younger I would shoot off like a pistol whenever someone did something I didn’t like.

Compassion is an art form. Learning to understand and accept people is extremely difficult, especially when you don’t like most people and are quick to judge. However, learning to act with compassion towards those you don’t understand creates inner peace.

Rather than wasting a bunch of hateful energy, compassion has the ability to release.

For example, I work in a bar. Sometimes, because I am overworked and tired 99% of the time, people rub me the wrong way. A hasty gesture, or just mild rudeness can turn me into a sword-wielding Beatrix Kiddo. But if I take a minute to remind myself to act with compassion, it releases all of this unnecessary tension I have stored against this complete stranger.

When you hold onto that weird, made up grudge, you are the only one that feels it. No one else is affected by it but you. Sometimes people may sense that you are in a bad mood, and they might feel uncomfortable, but you are ultimately the one swimming in misery. You’re just creating a hateful world for yourself to live in.

Being compassionate is even more rewarding if it’s a friend. If someone close to you said something you didn’t like, you have to freedom to open a dialogue. Not in an argumentative, mortal-kombat-finish-him type way but from a place of wanting to understand. You would be amazed at how the stories you made up about that comment or gesture are actually pretty far from the truth. And gaining insight helps you to be a little more human each day.

So lets get collectively compassionate. It would be a better world if we were. Stay witchy my friends ( *)