Suit of Cups


After writing every day, I’ve run into a writers block as of this morning. In the hopes of jogging some inspiration, I decided to read my cards and see what my energy guided me towards. What was so interesting to me was that the suit of cups kept playing a big role in my reading.

On the surface, the suit of cups represents a number of things. The element of water (I am a Scorpio,) the west (I am from California,) and autumn (I was born in autumn and it is my favorite season.) Different connections could be made to other individuals, but for the purpose of my reading, the Cups are definitely my suit.

On a much deeper level, however, the Cups are very emotional and represent each emotion’s link to another. It also represents creativity and imagination.

My interpretation of this reading was very powerful. As I embark on this journey for creative expression through my love for self help, I felt a constant theme in my energy through tarot. My reading was very fitting for my current endeavors.

While I asked the cards to deliver me a subject to write about, they instead asked me to reflect on my purpose of this emotional expression. And I have a feeling that the answer will be full of great writing and epiphanies. Stay in tune and stay witchy ( *)