Yoga’s Healing Powers


As I get ready for my afternoon class, I feel compelled to share the absolute healing power of yoga. While the Ace of Swords represents mental clarity in tarot, yoga represents it in my life.

After my break up with a manipulative heroin addict, I came to the realization that I had issues with co-dependency. Going through not only the regular ups and downs of a break up, but also dealing with emotional trauma and a sobering reality is a lot for one person to sort out in their head. So I sought help in three different ways: therapy, support groups, and yoga.

Yoga is a sacred practice. It forces you to live in your body free of thought and live with your motions in that moment. Focusing on only your breath and the abilities of your muscles, your mind becomes distracted for that full hour.

It was the only time I felt unburdened, and this helped to save my sanity.

If you live in NYC and feel that you can’t afford yoga, you’re wrong. Yoga to the People has chapters all over the city and they are donation based. They are for all levels of practice and happen a number of times every day of the week. If you are familiar with the poses, they also have podcasts that you can download. I practice these at home.

If you are struggling with something, be it health-wise or mentally, give yoga a shot. It isn’t for everyone, but it really helped me through tough times. Stay stretchy and stay witchy ( *)