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Shawn is AMAZING! I took her Business Bootcamp, and it was worth every penny. I had done all of the technical aspects of my business (website, mailing list) but still wasn’t attracting clients. She helped me refine my message and in 8 weeks I experienced incredible results!

-I increased my 1:1 coaching clients by 300%
-Got my first paid sponsorship with one of my favorite brands
-Got invited to 2 events as an influencer
-Taught my first public ritual alongside a witch that is a huge inspiration to me!

Now I have the structure and messaging in place to embody my dreams and pursue my passion. I can’t recommend her enough.

-Lenore Black

For 1:1

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When I first met Shawn, I had commented on one of her posts about having burnout. She heard my call for help, and offered her services- after a lengthy deliberation and inconsistent posting, I knew I needed her help. I spent the next two months working with her on breaking down my fears when it came to our business. Some days were harder than others but she always knew what I needed; someone to talk to, someone to learn from, someone to lean on. Shawn is truly an amazing woman. She helped me better navigate the world of social media as a witchy lady, because for us, it’s just a little bit different. I’ve gained over 1,000 followers with her help, and no longer feel exhausted by my daily posts, and if I do feel a bout of burnout coming, I know now that all of my hard work will be there when I log back on.

-Michele Pucci

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Working with Shawn has honestly been one of the best decisions I could have made. Don’t get me wrong, investing in myself was terrifying, but I knew I needed guidance. As an artist, I was doing many different things but actually expending most of my energy on projecting an image that I thought I needed to have in order to succeed. When I came across Witchy Wisdoms, I was intrigued. Here was someone that spoke from a very intuitive, spiritual place that really vibrated with me but also possessed the highly applied, business and result oriented skills and mindset that I needed. I messaged her on a whim and bit the bullet.
Over the 8 weeks of our 1:1 coaching, I went from being totally all over the place and hyper focusing on very small aspects of my art to having a very clear, aligned direction and real meat and intention to stand behind. Shawn gave me the tools I needed to funnel all of my creativity into a comprehensive structure, and by really seeing and excavating what I was good at, she helped me find the confidence to be truly real and vulnerable in my art and with my audience.
Who knew- the reason nothing ever seemed to work was because I was selling a shell of myself while the real gushy, inner part sat nervously watching to see if anyone would bite. Shawn taught me how to take those gushy insides and put them front and center and work exactly from there. Once you start doing that, it’s magnetic. In addition to really being pivotal to this massive shift in my mindset, Shawn also gave me the practical tools to confidently reach out to publications and begin to get my work featured! It’s really amazing what having a coach can do, and if it’s money that is the concern, just do it anyways. Invest because no one deserves being invested in more than you.
–Tatyana Grechina 
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I was recommended to Shawn when I realized I needed help and asked for it. I’ve worked with a life coach in the past and had a wonderful experience, but knew this time around it was going to be deeper. Shawn has been more than a coach. I have joined several of her workshops as well and the knowledge I’ve taken away I apply to life everyday. Shawn is amazing. She keeps me positive and hopeful. It has been such an amazing journey.

–Renee G.




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Through out high school my parents took me to therapist after therapist, but I really felt I didn’t connect with anyone I was seeing. It was so difficult because I really did want their help, but just wasn’t finding anyone who I felt really understood where I was coming from. I started refusing to go to my appointments and felt there was no external help for me. Until one day I saw shawns transcendence tuesday posted on my feed, I kept checking and checking for the answers to be revealed later. Just from what she had shared from the cards was extremely helpful for me, and I was so drawn to working with her, it felt right. Finally I knew I could trust this, and I am so glad I took the chance. Through our work together she has helped me with really anything that I have brought up to her. I love speaking with her because she proposes things in a way that makes me come to a realization by myself instead of just telling me her opinion and advice. It’s amazing what we can work through in an hour, and how far I’ve come. Shes absolutely amazing, from the tarot readings to the emails I receive full of helpful rituals, meditations, and she even helps me find new opportunities, like reiki classes. It’s like talking out loud to her helps me sort out all the mixed feelings and thoughts I have in my head. It can get stressful, so thank you for being one of my stress relievers.

–Cheyanne H.



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You ever have people that just come into your life that you do not understand why they are there but then you get to know and work with that person and realize that if it wasn’t for them — you would not have blossomed into the awesome badass broad that you are today? Say hello to Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms. This vision of light and love just appeared on my Instagram feed. Just followed me out of the blue. I think it had to do with my radical self love journey through Gala Darling and she just commands this presence that you must talk to her. She draws you in with such fiery compassion and opens up your eyes to a world of badassery. I was dealing with some terrible heartache in which I did not take the time to grieve and would just jump from man to man and did not realize my own self worth. I was attracting toxic negative people as well as energy vampires and I wanted it to stop. I needed to reinvent and find myself again and through one on one sessions filled with intensity and hardcore reflection journaling worksheets — I have done just that as well as working in her Break Out of the Breakup workshop back in August 2017. If you are tired of…well being tired….work with Shawn Engel. She will get you to where you need to be. She is a vibrant lifesaver and you will learn a lot about yourself.

–Danielle D.

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