So let me guess, are you…

An aspiring witch who needs help harnessing your gifts and perfecting your craft?

An empath who wants to navigate  your life/ business with boundaries, while still maintaining your light?

An over-thinker who is frustrated AF with the whole New Age manifestation bullshit?

A high achiever and big dreamer who just can’t figure out how to draw in success?

or all four?

I’ve worked with many just like you, and I know how to help by uniquely fitting my coaching strategies to fit you and allow you to THRIVE.

My tribe trusts in me to help them see with gratitude, make energetic shifts towards abundance, and continuously attract opportunities that keep elevating the vibration higher and higher.

For myself I’ve manifested:

  • Over 11k followers on Instagram and counting
  • Top Influencers on my podcast
  • Paid writing gigs
  • Regular features in a print magazine
  • Consistent clients
  • Speaking opportunities
  • and more!

And my clients have manifested:

  • Modeling gigs
  • Their dream home
  • Sobriety
  • A career in Reiki healing
  • Acceptance into the schooling program of their choice
  • Money to get themselves out of eviction
  • and EVEN MORE!

I don’t sugar coat things. I don’t give advice. And I don’t tell answers. I guide, I listen, and I strategize with pure and eager intention. I bring that to my clients, and they succeed in their very own, individual way.

Ready to transform your life by working with me one on one??

There are a variety of options to choose from:

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