10k Mini Mind

Welcome to my brand new RICH WITCH Mini Mind, where Witch CEO’s transition from the burn out of hustle to the alignment of F L O W ✨✨✨✨

This 2 month group program is designed specifically for Boss Mystics in 2-4 years of business who are trying to move away from capitalistic HUSTLE and into a lucrative business model that thrives on rest and creativity, all while hitting those coveted 10k months.

In this program, you’ll be in a group with other Witch CEO’s, all in a Voxer chat (which means high touch support and intimacy) with bi-weekly 90 minute group calls and personalized 30 minute exit intensives to map out the rest of your year!

As you’ve read from me previously, I’m sick of the 10k month grind. This is why I wanted to create this program. So I can help mold your dream business to serve your purpose in a way that doesn’t stress you TF out.

Here’s the breakdown:

✨Week 1- Intro & Goals

✨Week 2- Conveying Authority + 90 minute group call

✨Week 3- Fool Proof Launch Strategies

✨Week 4- The Long Game- Customer Journeys + 90 minute group call

✨Week 5- Loyal AF Client Retention

✨Week 6- Income Stacking + 90 minute group call

✨Week 7- Hive Mind Brainstorming

✨Week 8- Individual Exit Plans + individual 30 minute intensives

THIS is what I was called to do. Building boss ass witchy women who have autonomy over their money AND their craft. I’m only taking a select few, so make sure you get in NOW!! We start 12/6 ✨

Results you can count on